Middle School Math Competition

How to best prepare for the Middle School Math competition?

Yes, it is that time of the year when Middle School Math competition is around the corner. Like any other sporting event, there is a certain level of excitement in the air. Oh what fun it is to participate in a competitive activity! A time when peers with similar interests and talents come together and […]


What to do if you need help with College Algebra?

“As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school.”   -Cokie Roberts The famous words of American journalist, Cokie Roberts, mirror the reality of what’s going on in the lives of students when they reach high school. At some point or another, a student has sighed “I need help with College […]

How hard is Algebra 2?

How hard it is to score in Algebra 2?

Upgrade your Math quotient with online help! Albert Einstein once said,”Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I assure you, mine are still greater.” So hang on if you are a student struggling with this Algebra course. Many students opt for Algebra 2, the third Math course in high school, and are often left […]

From Algebra-shy to Hi-Five

From Algebra-shy to Hi-Five: the story of Ellison and her UpGrade journey

Algebra is no child’s play; Ellison, a typical teenager hated it. She lagged behind in her homework and all her assignments results showed a C grade. Her confidence was all-time low when even her parents lost the patience to help her in this subject. 5th Feb 2020: Ellison took her first online algebra class with […]

geometry tutoring online

Top Geometry Figures We See Daily in Our Lives

Geometry plays an important role in our lives. Be it in the form of textbook lessons or the daily objects that we use, see and come in contact with on a daily basis. Before diving into the shapes and their relevance let us get a dip on the Geometry figures. What is Geometry? Geometry is […]


3 Great Women Mathematicians Who Inspire Us Every Day

This International Women’s day let’s celebrate the trailblazers who shattered the glass-ceilings and are pioneers Mathematicians. While this year we celebrate the theme “Each for equal” and take a further step towards a gender-equal world, we need to realize that education is the biggest equalizer in the world. Here we present 3 great Mathematicians who […]

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How to Hack ALGEBRA?

Is Algebra a pain area for you? Do you see numbers flying in the sky and calculations rolling? Undoubtedly, the algebra is all about calculations and twisting of numbers but it is much more fun than what you think. If it gives you brain cramps then learn the hacks from TutorEye, 24×7 online tutoring platform. […]

Infinite Series Formula sheet-TutorEye


What is an Infinite Series? Infinite series is a sum of infinite terms that follow a rule. When we have an infinite sequence of values that follow a rule (in this case each term is half the previous one), and we add them all up, we get an infinite series formula.       Why […]

Online Calculus Tutoring

Enhance Your Learning with Online Calculus Tutoring

CLEAR CALCULUS CONCEPTS AND ENHANCE COMPREHENSION Is your child struggling with Calculus? Yes? Well, don’t worry we have you covered. There are many kids that for one reason or another have problems in certain subjects or topics. While they may enjoy Algebra, but they may not have an interest in a particular topic i.e Calculus. […]

AP Math Exam


You’re probably enjoying a jolly good ride until your AP Math Exam and you feel less confident about yourself. Even though the exam may be miles away, you feel the urge to pick up the study material and bury yourself inside it. But now you’re asking yourself if you really need to start studying at […]