STEM Education and its importance

STEM Education and its importance

“If you talk about STEM education, the best way to introduce anyone to STEM or get their curiosity going on, it’s Minecraft.” — Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Give yourself 10 seconds of time on a stop-watch, and we bet you can come up with  10 ways the field of STEM impacts your life. The first […]

Role of AI & ML in defining the future of e-learning

Role of AI & ML in defining the future of e-learning

Computer science as a subject has gain popularity over the last few decades and in today’s world, due to impact of COVID-19, it has become an essential component of a student’s life in school & college as well as professionals as all types of jobs today require some understanding of computer science. But from April […]

In-person learning

Is the world ready for in-person learning?

In-person learning, real time between teachers and students, was the primary mode of learning for school & college students around the world up till March 2019.  Things around us changed overnight due to COVID-19 and demand for online learning peaked starting April 2019. The world has already seen what the first and the second wave […]

Ultimate student guide for learning the periodic table

Imagine going to a supermarket with no separate departments for different items like groceries, clothes, and toys. Not even racks that place the items based on different sub-items like sugar, fruits, cereals, etc. Doesn’t that feel unorganized and messy? The different elements of chemistry were somewhat like that until Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev created a […]

how to get good at math

Here are the 10 ways on How to Get Better at Math

The US stands 38th in its ranking among the 72 countries that participated in the survey regarding the math performance of its school children. The study was conducted by the  Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2015. But, given the increasing importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education in the most promising careers, […]

10 things you should do for studying online from home

As a student of the 21st century, you must have experienced online studying from home.  Although for some students, it wasn’t a new experience yet for many, it was a completely new exposure to a new way of e-learning.  Last year, when schools and universities were closed, online education was the only medium to study, […]

Online Tutoring

13 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Best!

Even though the COVID pandemic played a major role in the prolific rise of the virtual classroom phenomenon, we are not unfamiliar with the fact that edtech has always had the potential to boom beyond limits.   So when the coronavirus was crippling the education system all over the world, putting the future of students in […]

What is dyscalculia?

Best ways for parents to help a child with Dyscalculia

The discovery of “Dyscalculia” dates to the year 1949 and it is a type of learning disorder, but it specifically deals with a disability in math and anything math related. The word Dyscalculia is a combination of the prefix “dys-” which in Greek language means “badly” and the root “calculia” in Latin language means “to […]

How to calm yourself during exam pressure-08

How to calm yourself during exam pressure?

Final exams are around the corner and exam stress can make things feel like a whirlwind at the moment. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax.  Stress is nothing more than a state of mind which is triggered due to the following reasons:  Low Self-Confidence  No Solid Action Plan Lack of Support/Help  Past […]

Reasons why Online Learning is the Future of Education

21 Reasons why Online Learning is the Future of Education

Remember the primitive times when we had no access to anything that comes effortlessly. But in the 21st-century world, everything is advanced. We have come so far from the stone age that today we can reach a place in just a few minutes, order a cheesy pizza in seconds and get it delivered anywhere in […]