The 5 main branches of Chemistry 

The 5 main branches of Chemistry 

Popularly known as the study of substances, chemistry is an interesting and complex subject of natural sciences. It helps us in understanding the composition of everything around us. Since the beginning of time, we have been taught how all matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms and how they constitute differently in our […]

What is coding & why is it so popular?

What is coding & why is it so popular?

Technological disruption is ubiquitous everywhere — from smart televisions and modern appliances to online games, puzzles, and OTT devices. There are still many things going on and many things will be happening. Many more new jobs will be created and several existing positions will also be redefined. Here the ability to learn computer programming and […]

STEM Education and its importance

STEM Education and its importance

“If you talk about STEM education, the best way to introduce anyone to STEM or get their curiosity going on, it’s Minecraft.” — Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Give yourself 10 seconds of time on a stop-watch, and we bet you can come up with  10 ways the field of STEM impacts your life. The first […]

Steps for Writing a Research Paper

10 Simple Steps for Writing a Research Paper

Research papers are a part of many high school and college-level courses. And for post-graduate courses, it is mandatory to present at least one. It carries a lot of weight. Naturally, any student would like to write it well. In this article, we will give you an overview of how to do it well. What […]

learning the Python Programming Language

Beginner tips for learning the Python Programming Language

Is learning python programming on your mind? Congratulations, you are opening doors for yourself towards careers in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Science, and a host of other in-demand jobs for programmers. By the way, did you know that some of the biggest and most reputable companies in the world like NASA, Google, […]

high school math courses

What are high school math courses?

Math is an essential subject to create a student’s foundation for their career ahead. As Galileo Galilei once said, “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.”  It continues to receive recognition from prestigious institutions around the globe. There is no better form of logic or reasoning. The biggest mysteries in our […]

motivate yourself while doing homework

How to motivate yourself while doing homework

As per a study conducted by Better Sleep, 74% of teenage students feel that homework is a cause of their stress. There is no denying that homework makes for an important part of learning and growth for any student. But, with such alarming figures, do we not need to address the issue? There is not […]

5 Careers English can help you with

5 Careers English can help you with

Anna’s first love is reading classic English literature. Her love for prose and poetry naturally draw her to take up English majors in college. But, she is soon faced with questions about what in the world is she going to do with that degree! What do you think she replied? Well, Anna is smart and […]

Calculus Formulas

Calculus formulas for all your calculus problems

What is calculus? It is a branch of mathematics in which we analyze how the rate of the dependent variable changes with respect to the independent variable. In simple words, calculus is the study of the rate of changes. It has been divided into two branches namely, differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential calculus deals […]

14 Homework Hacks Every Student Must Know

Did you hear about the student who ate his homework? Apparently, his teacher said it was a piece of cake. We are not suggesting you do something similar, but if you could identify the pain behind the humor, this blog is meant for you! According to a survey by Stanford University, about 56% of students […]