Steps to learn and ace chemistry 

Steps to learn and ace chemistry 

Chemicals, reactIons, and solutions – welcome to the world of chemistry. It’s an arena of logical and essential subjects one uses almost every day in their life. Chemistry introduces us to concepts such as understanding units, atoms, molecules, and substances. The basics of this subject include the study of matter, elements, the periodic table, and the metric system. This is the foundation of learning chemistry. Furthermore, you may also deal with complexities like atoms, ions, compounds, chemical formulas, chemical bonds, reactions, and equations. 

But before we learn what chemistry is, we need to understand how we can learn it. Chemistry can be a super complex subject if not studied the right way. So let’s look into the methods and strategies you would keep in mind while studying chemistry. 

Review your study material

The study material you receive for chemistry must be treated as a holy grail. Books and study materials are curated to enhance the understanding of a student. It captures all the necessary information about the subject to help you with fundamental learning and conceptual knowledge. They are the first step on the ladder of learning for not just chemistry but every subject. 

Give these resources the attention they deserve. Refer to the notes before taking the class. This method is popularly known as ‘Class Reversed’ or ‘Flipped Classroom’. Studying before the lecture helps a student identify their sections of difficulty. The awareness of parts that require more focus or queries to be solved becomes clear to them. Students leave with even more clarity with every session. This method is super effective in understanding the complexities of the chemistry subject. 

Understanding over memorization. 

Cramming and memorization may get you good grades, but they won’t add to your knowledge. In time, when you would be required to give logical crammed up answers would not help get there. A student’s first focus should always be understanding the concepts. Gaining a deep understanding of concepts and fundamentals helps conquer even the most complex parts of chemistry in no time. Seek to learn, and then you shall earn. 

Note down 

Taking classes every day is essential. It keeps you in touch with your studies and helps you create insightful notes. These notes will help you recall everything you have learned in the classroom. It also represents the knowledge you have gained in the session. The practise of writing down acts as a catalyst for learning. Plus, reviewing them will help clarify the things you understand and the things you don’t. 

Always make sure to create organized notes. They are effective for having a last-minute review. You can also use textbooks to improve upon your messages. 


Being consistent with your chemistry learning will always pay off. Practice solving equations, balancing reactions, working formulas, and other essential things. Dedicating a certain amount of time every day to chemistry ur knowledge will provide you with great confidence. Test your knowledge by solving the previous question papers or sample problems. Avoid using the answer key as much as possible. Remember making mistakes is okay but leaving your practice is not. 

Laboratory is important 

Lab experiments are a crucial step in learning chemistry. This is the place where all your awareness is practically executed here. Formulas and reactions are brought to life. It is said that practical knowledge is difficult to forget because you have experienced it. So make sure you never miss lab lessons. 

Turn big into small

You don’t have to always take upon the burden of doing significant work first. Why not divide? Don’t take the big chunks of work all at once. Separate them into smaller parts and tackle them one by one. Take your sweet time to master one concept first, then move on to another. You are not rushing into mastering chemistry all at once. It doesn’t matter if you learn quickly or at a slow pace; what matters is that you understand it right. 

Group Study

Studying with your peers makes learning easy and fun! Join forces to know about new chemistry concepts, share notes and learn from each other. You can obtain new insights from each other’s insights. Your peers can also help you in clarifying your doubts with a smile. 

Before starting group study, make sure to set a convenient time and place for members to gather up. Sessions should be focussed on learning and free from distractions to learning as much as possible. 

Online tutoring 

Online tutoring is a great way to learn from the comfort of your home. You get access to quality learning with the help of tutors from around the globe and study at any hour of the day. The best online tutoring platform, to begin with, is TutorEye. 

TutorEye is a personalized tutoring platform designed for students to study efficiently. Get chemistry lessons from expert tutors with decades of teaching experience. Interactive whiteboards included making learning easy and engaging. Need help with your homework? Get assistance from teachers at any hour. Study anywhere you like — be at a cafe, library, or room. 24×7 assistance will help in clearing all your chemistry doubts even at inconvenient hours. 

Take up chemistry with confidence and begin your learning journey today! 

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