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Ten career options for students with English literature degree

Anna’s first love is reading classic English literature. Her love for prose and poetry naturally draw her to take up English majors in college. But, she is soon faced with questions about what in the world is she going to do with that degree! What do you think she replied?

Well, Anna is smart and has done enough research to know that valuable skill like reading and writing in the English language well is useful in many situations. And this would help her bag a job of her choice any day.

Let us take a look at some of the top English major careers:

  • Teaching

Teaching is among the careers with high job satisfaction. There are options to choose between teaching students of different grade levels in school or college. But beyond that, or instead of that, you can opt for being a tutor who helps students beyond school hours. Online tutoring is highly popular. And if you get certified as a TESOL teacher, you can help students from around the world gain command over their English.

  • Content Writing

As per Payscale, you can start your career as a content writer with an annual salary of $33000. This job has begun to grow with the increasing trend of people consulting about products over the internet. Content writers provide information about different topics and can write engaging pieces. They are highly in demand due to the indirect impact they have on sales. You can choose your niche, or be a generalist. Both, in-office and remote jobs are aplenty.

  • Social Media Manager

This is another job that can let you unleash your creativity through words. As a social media manager, you need to handle the online presence of an organization through making posts, and interacting with the audience. An English expert can easily use strategies like a play of words, and story-telling to garner the audience’s positive attention.

  • Lawyer

Two of the key skills a lawyer needs are: writing well-drafted documents, and using arguments and counter-arguments for any legal matter. These skills are given a lot of importance in English majors too. So, if you think of trying out the law field, or even helping out lawyers draft contracts, etc, you can go ahead.

  • PR manager

A PR specialist’s job is to communicate with media like television, radio, print, etc on behalf of the employer. So, if you think, you can provide the media with the right exposure about the company at the right time, and also handle their questions, you can bag this job and earn handsome pay.

  • HR manager

While there are many MBAs with HR specializations who are considered for this job, English major folks still have an advantage. The main qualities that go to their credit are their ability to draft advertisements for employment, letters of appointment, and to communicate clearly with employees.

  • Librarian

If you rather prefer to have a laid-back job and work in silence, being a librarian can be perfect. Your main role is to keep a collection of great books and be able to suggest ideal ones to the readers. Some people simply love the feel of reading from a paperback and getting immersed into the world of words. You will be creating a suitable setting for them.

  • Journalist

Just think of the similarities of roles between a journalist and a student of English literature. Both have to be strong in making arguments, both need to use language impeccably, and both need great communication skills. There may be some skills you may need to develop for becoming a journalist, but you would have the most important ones already.

  • Editor

Every piece of writing that goes out to print, or publish needs to go through rigorous editing. Editors are required to scan a piece of writing for its grammar, factual correctness, positioning of various points, etc. While many English majors earn fame as grammar nazis, they can put their keen eyes to good use as editors.

  •  Copywriter

Copywriting is where you can sell using the magic of your words. Billboards, television ads, newspapers, and the internet is full of attractive copies. Your bread and butter as a copywriter are to convince your readers, or listeners through how you present a product. But, this often requires one to research extensively, and write and rewrite several times before finalizing the final draft. English of course is important here.

But, honestly, if you are really good at English, you can even work in many of these roles without a degree in English majors. All you need to know is how to be fluent in English reading, writing, and speaking. TutorEye is here to help all those who wish to get help with English, whether for their academics, or career. So, how to learn English with TutorEye? It’s quite simple, you sign up with our website, post your requirement, or choose an English tutor yourself. The classes will be completely tailor-made for you.

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