This Valentines, Fall in love every day with new subject

Fall in love with the knowledge that stays with you FOREVER.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, attachments and rejoices. You celebrate your bond with the ones you love. Be it your partner, crush, parents, best friend, teachers or even subjects. Yes, I am talking about the teachers be it your favorite history teacher or online physics tutor and the subjects that we study. They are worthy of our love because they are with us in the form of knowledge through all thick and thins like a true lover who never leaves us alone.

With every valentine, there comes a valentine’s week with each day carrying something special and lovely in it. This valentine, I will be sharing how you can fall in love with your subjects and make them stay in your life forever.

Why love your Subjects?

We always have a love-hate relationship with our subjects. We love them because they help us to excel and grow and sometimes we hate them because of the unclarity of the concepts. They are just like your lover who has a lot to say but you need to understand by yourself. Maybe sometimes irritating and frustrating but you know that they are for you always and are your true well-wishers.

Valentine Calendar

Valentines Week

One of the loveliest weeks of the year where each day is filled with love and emotions brings us close to our loved ones. Let us see how we can take help from these days to build a strong bond with our subjects as well.

Rose Day- Have a Rosy approach towards your Research papers

Rose Day

Whenever you are researching or thinking of writing research papers, try to start with positive motivation. We know writing research papers is quite a task but you have to be positive because love is all about giving and contributing. Try to learn the fun aspects while you are writing and researching. This will keep you inclined towards the topic. If you have some tough topics to research like Electric forces or so, you can take assignment help from the online physics tutor or your teachers to guide you on how to do your research. In fact, if you do research for every portion you study, you will be able to get a better grip on the subject.

Propose Day-  Say yes to Physics!

Propose Day

Tell your physics subject that even if the unclarity of concepts generates friction you are always positively charged towards it. Try to understand physics. As in love actions speak louder than words. So is the case with physics. Study physics online through experimental videos or you can relate the concepts of physics with real-life situations. Ask your online physics Tutor. The more you will spend time with it, the more you will know about it. Give it some time. Trust me, it will never disappoint you.

Chocolate Day- Give a heart-melting reaction to Chemistry!

Chocolate Day

React to chemistry with patience and motivation. Know and learn the compound table. Break the terminology into portions and your own language. Seek online chemistry classes for extra clarity. Try to know the formulations and compositions for easy understanding. Devote some time and practice. If you are not able to understand at one go, repeat the lectures or ask doubts to your chemistry tutor and your brain will positively react to it. React to all your subjects and teachers warmly, Be it your chemistry tutor or online physics tutor. The reaction should always be positive!

Teddy Day- Play with Trigonometry!

Teddy Day

Trignometry is a child play! Take the Sin seriously Cos it is very important and Tan it is all yours! Take help from your Trigonometry Tutors to understand the basics of the subject and learn the value of angles by heart. If you learn them by heart and apply with the brain, Then trigonometry is no lesser than squishy teddy which always gives you fun. If still you struggle, get online classes for trigonometry as they provide live sessions to you 24×7.

Promise Day- Commit to pamper your PreCalculus Skills!

Promise Day

Promise yourself to always take notes of PreCalculus while learning. This way you will always be in touch with the subject matter and in fact, stand a chance to keep working and doing betterment of the same. PreCalculus is one of those subjects that demands your time and you have to be very sensitive towards it. You need to know its history i.e, the basics and only then you can expect to be with it in the future. And if you learn precalculus, it is one of those subjects that stands by you for the whole life. To learn about precalculus more in detail, you can take the help of practice papers or online tuitions for the subject. And Do not only pamper Precalculus.  Ask your Online physics Tutor and Math tutors also to help you pamper the skills you need to UpGRADE yourself

Hug Day- Embrace the Homework given to you!

Hug Day

Whenever you get homework, welcome it with open arms or hands I should say. Doing homework is one of the most healthy practice exercises for the student. It keeps students in touch with the subject matter. Homework may give you hard times and pump up your brain muscles but I bet devoting time in this is absolutely worth a shot. Sit with your mates or tutors, get homework help. Know what they are writing and practicing what are you doing. Take assistance from online tutors to write homework and make notes. If it is a problem-solving subject, ask your online physics tutor or your math tutor to help you solve the same. Be happy when homework is given to you because if you are in touch with homework practice, you are pretty much aware of what you are studying. And I guess, you can say behind every genius man there is homework that he did wholeheartedly.

Kiss Day- Cherish the touch of knowledge you get from K-12 Classes

When you study K-12 classes, you are in a beautiful zone. The zone where you make friends, personality and knowledge.  Try to learn as much as possible. Laugh and play with your friends at the same time study hard to excel in the future. Today we have multiple opportunities like AR aided classes or live tutoring sessions that provide online K-12 study classes at your convenience. You can now also have facilities like online tutoring where you can learn and get subject experts at ease of home. Express your gratitude towards the knowledge you get just like a kiss that expresses immense love and emotions.

Valentine Day- Love and Value what you Learn!

Valentine was the day made to celebrate love. Value the people around you who have contributed to your life and made the difference. And in the context of this, how we can forget our study subjects. They are the ones that have impacted our lives and made a difference. Value what you learn by being honest with your studies. Have a disciplined approach towards what you learn. Even if you have to make an extra effort for it, do it. Because knowledge is a loyal mate that will be there for you forever.

Love Is in the Air!!!

Love is all about acknowledging your feelings for your dear ones. Shout out your love to your parents who have always been there your side. The friends that have always been your fun partner. The teachers who are guiding lamps in your life be it your classroom math teacher or online physics tutor who is there for you when you need them. And most importantly the subjects that help you to grow in your life. Embrace what you got and celebrate with the whole heart. In fact today there are multiple opportunities available to love what you study through recreational mods like online learning, Digital whiteboards or VR lectures. Love is a happy feeling. Deal your subject with the same and UpGRADE Learning. Keep Loving.

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