Top 3 Lessons for Students from the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King

Though he may be dead, he lives in all of us today and continues to move us to our very core and spirit. Here are Top 3 Lessons for our students from the life of an influential civil rights leader and a truly charismatic personality.

# Lesson 1


“Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.”

-Excerpt from “The Purpose of Education” from Morehouse College student newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, 1947

Education means nothing if it does not build character. The true goal of education is not being literate but also to inculcate long-lasting values. Today when you celebrate Martin Luther King Day, remember that the true purpose of education is to lead a life of service and social responsibility.

Let the words of Dr. King reverberate in your mind and soul. If you are blessed with intelligence, it is your duty to cultivate ‘character’. Be the beacon of hope in times of uncertainty and that’s what counts!

# Lesson 2


I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed — we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

  • Quote from Dr. King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech.

The line is drawn from the American Declaration of Independence still resonates with every American today. Racial inequality is simply unacceptable and as students, you are the torch-bearer of this truth.

The life of Dr. King reminds us of the fact that we still need to continue to battle the shackles of racism. In a land that is called a ‘melting pot’ and an island of democracy, it is the duty of its students to live by this tenet.

Every time you witness an instance of inequality remind yourself that “all men are created equal”. Every nation is defined by its students so continue to raise your voice against injustice, racism, and inequality.

This Martin Luther King Day, let’s resolve to make his dream come true by imbibing these words in our lives. Let’s pass on this baton from generation to generation.

# Lesson 3


We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

This quote is from Dr.King’s speech delivered on February 6, 1968

For a student, this is a message to draw inspiration from time to time. Imagine how trying the Civil Rights Movement must have been in the sixties! It was a time filled with trials and tribulations for our colored counterparts. Yet, they never gave up hope. So accept small defeats in the short term but if you persevere, you will surely succeed.

As students, remember this quote of Dr. King every time you feel like giving up. No matter how difficult a situation is and how troubled you may be, do not lose hope.

When you celebrate Martin Luther King Day today, remember there is hope even in the depths of despair. The life of Martin Luther King has left a strong footprint in the sands of time and will continue to light our path to move on from any small setback that may accompany Life.


The life and words of Dr. King still continue to inspire us. A crusader of civil rights, equality and a lifelong advocate of campaigns to end racial segregation in America, is immortalized in our history. His life and contributions have made America, a true embodiment of democracy. Dr. King’s life still continues to hold sway over American youth and are so powerful that they stir our very soul.

Let’s commemorate MLK Day with a promise to continue to uphold equality as a birthright and a dream that is fulfilled for every American to come.

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