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Top 5 Challenges That School Students Face in Learning Chemistry

Chemistry is not easy – there we said it! (hearing this makes you jittery?)

Most successful chemists state that they need to be very disciplined with their studies. Many even claim to have applied several strategies to get better at it. And all of them helped them gain deeper insights into this subject and gain a more meaningful sense of accomplishment.

So, while you think there is no way out to understand chemistry, we will help you break this myth. It is said how you approach this subject makes all the difference. You may even begin to enjoy this subject in the true sense when you overcome the common hurdles in studying chemistry and find it more interactive. 

This blog post highlights the most common difficulties faced by school students while learning chemistry, the possible reasons for these difficulties, and offers solutions to students for overcoming these difficulties.

  • Finding Chemistry Unrelatable

You can perceive the things you study in history, geography, biology, and physics, but chemistry can be highly abstract. So, much like math, you may begin to ask why chemistry is significant to study. The difficulties of chemistry topics are their abstract nature and words from everyday language with different meanings. 

Solution: Consider the applications & lab work.

To make it relatable, one can seek help from a tutor or an online tutor. Both can help you understand this better but with an online tutor the advantage of personalized attention is higher. A tutor can relate the topic for you in terms of corollary and comparisons to real-world phenomena. For example, explaining the effect of hydrochloric acid over calcium chloride by talking about how the acidic rainwater affects the marble monuments.

  • Getting Bored Bonding & Balancing Equations

It is not usually the very first lessons of chemistry that seem dull. But with time, students begin to find the subject uninteresting and monotonous. This is especially true of students who see little value in sitting and reading pages after pages of various concepts that are complex and hard to understand. Soon, they begin to ignore this subject and end up bidding goodbye to it.

Solution- Active learning techniques

The objective of education is not rote learning. Especially when it comes to subjects of science that are more about understanding. Chemistry is best learned through multiple processes. They involve seeing practical applications of the concepts in the laboratory or the world, learning through seeing models and simulated videos, and talking to someone and discussing its ideas. So, finding a study resource such as an online chemistry tutor who can incorporate these teaching ways can make chemistry enjoyable to study.

  • Having Difficulties with Numeric Problems

Chemistry involves a good deal of problem-solving. And that means that your math skills will be put to use in chemistry. The chances are that if you are a high school chemistry student, you would need to be strong with algebra and geometry. Some more elevated levels of chemistry would also require knowledge of Calculus. So, problems with math can lead to lower grades in chemistry as a result.

Solution: Strengthen math basics

Spend some extra time with the math problems. Sometimes it is not easy to assess which math topic is required to arrive at chemistry solutions unless you already know it well. So, it is prudent to let a chemistry tutor decide where you are faltering, and what math skills you need to polish, and how to go about it.

  • Struggling with Completely New Vocabulary

Are you fed up with trying to remember the names of the various elements, compounds, their formulas, chemical reactions, and so on? You are not alone at all! Scores of chemistry students struggle with learning, interpreting, and communicating these essentials.

Solution – Tricks & Tips for faster learning

To learn faster and more effectively, you can use specific techniques. For example, using mnemonics, referring to formula sheets, and co-creating your fun ways to memorize with friends and tutors. In addition, parts of chemistry like organic chemistry are best understood by incorporating 3-D models.

  • Feeling Completely Overwhelmed

As per the 2019 figures reported by the central body through which all students must apply to study at UK universities, the number of applications for chemistry bachelor’s degree programs has fallen by over 23% between 2015 and 2018 and the primary reason being the constant struggle that students face with rehards to the vast chemistry curriculum.

The chemistry curriculum can seem vast and unending. This often overwhelms students. The chances are that an unfinished syllabus can lead to disappointment and self-doubt. Besides, many topics overlap. So, unless you study basics and then many advanced ones, you may struggle with making sense of the subject.

Solution – Consistent Studying

Chemistry is a subject that demands your time consistently. Instead of devoting sleepless nights to it before exams, you would be better off devoting half an hour to an hour every day of your semester. This would give you enough time to process the knowledge and even develop questions that call for deeper understanding.

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