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Top 5 Games you Need to Play to Enhance your Math Skills

Games have always been an interesting curriculum. Be it playing in the field or sitting with your friends with a board game. But how cool it is to know that these games could actually help you to sharpen your math skills. Let us know 5 such games that are fun to play and learn.

Why Games?

When you play games your mind starts to have strategic planning to win it. This is how your brain actively starts involving strategic calculations and you start learning interactively. Just like online tutoring Where you can learn recreationally.

Let us know the games you can play to pump your brain muscles.


The game of warriors and queen. It is one of the most mind-challenging games where you have to change your strategy with each move of the opponent. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. There are different tokens having different powers on the board. This game helps you in quick decision making and strategic plannings. Thus, when you doing Math calculations, you get quick in them. Also, you understand the equation faster.


If you are afraid of math, then befriends with Sudoku. The Sudoku is a 9-block number game where you need to have a certain sequence wit the basic BOD-MAS application. This combination sequence game could help you to get good with your reasoning and math skills. So next time when your online math tutor provides worksheets, you could do it with ease.


Who said that card is a bad man’s game. It is a smart man’s game! Poker is a game of bluff, combinations, and luck. You have to be very cautious with your bets. Well, we are not promoting any casino games just a healthy poker game with your friends or family for a bet of our favorite candy. Playing poker makes you more patient, thoughtful, and selective with your choices. It trains your brain on how to react in-game and later in future parts of your life. Talking about Math, you understand the equation well analyze what it is asking, and then solve.


The game of houses, colors, counting, and dices. The very basic fun game that interests a nursery kid and grandma. In this, there are four players at maximum who have to roll out the dice and then make their token move. Ludo helps you to make a fast calculation and learn how to divide your numbers proportionately. So if you keep playing ludo, you are going to impress your online math tutor on a roll!


Learn how to master your vocabulary and knowledge at the one go with crosswords. Make meaningful words from the hints given and learn new things. This helps you to increase your IQ, know new words, and also increase your general knowledge. Thus solving crosswords is like hitting not two but three birds with a single stone! Now you might be thinking how English is beneficial in Math? It is. it helps you to make permutations and combinations from given words. If not agree, ask your online math tutor.

In the Last

We can find ways to entertain even in lockdowns! We often think that games going to spoil us. But everything has two sides. They keep us entertained, sharpen our math skills, quick decision making but if played in excess may affect us in terms of focus and concentration. And you need to find the right balance for that upGRADE.

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