How to Best Upgrade your Reading Comprehension skills?

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain 

Here are the top 5 study tips from your online English tutor.

Now if you are one of those students who live in mortal fear of reading comprehension, guess what, your problems end here. Half the battle is already won when you simply begin. Take a step to upgrade your reading comprehension skills now. rapperswil gruppentreffen Today your online English tutor is going to give you the ‘mantra’ to succeed. So before you begin, realize that reading comprehension is an art. And that you need to ‘master’ it. 

Let’s get started with the top 5 study tips to help you upgrade.

Get excited about the passage you are about to decode


The key to success is having the right attitude. You have to be excited about the passage you are about to read. Think of it as an ‘adventure’ where you will unlock all the answers. Come on, you are the modern Sherlock, you have a map and all the hidden clues are right there in the passage. The strategy to demystify your reading/comprehension is going about it. And then my friend, you will unravel all the answers. Isn’t it exciting!

So here is what your online English tutor believes that you need to actively engage with the passage. Get excited about it. Feel the adrenaline rush, as at the end of the passage you will have a set of questions to answer. When you are pumped and psyched, you will easily go through the passage.

Hone your Reading Skills


This is the most brilliant tip of all. You can improve reading comprehension by simply ‘reading’. Now for all those who actively hate ‘reading’ there is no getting away it. Really, we all tried that. (Yeah! we can hear your collective sigh of disappointment).

But hear out your online English tutor, you can begin by practicing worksheets for reading comprehension. See there is no getting away with it but here is the bright side, it’s not a novel; it’s not a book and definitely not an Essay. It’s just a small passage and how difficult can that be! Here’s how to tackle it, you need to read the passage thrice. kostenlose singlebörse aus dietikon Why so? Because it takes a while for your brain to register stuff ( definitely yes, when it is study-related).

In case you still find it difficult, just take a live study English session at TutorEye. When you seek online tutor help for English, you can connect with an online English tutor. Take a whiteboard session and identify your pain area and get expert help on how to overcome it. With regular live study sessions, you will not only improve but excel on your exam day.

Mindful studying to break it down

English tutor

Simplify and learn. Yes! break it down. This is a simple key takeaway from your online English tutor. kostenlose singlebörse aus dietikon Practice mindful studying to know how to create visual blocks. When you do that you will find it easier to break down the passage. 

The step-wise plan that will work for you is as follows:

  • Go through the passage quickly.
  • Read out the questions asked in the passage.
  • Repeat tip number 1 ( go through the passage again).
  • Jot down the answer and central idea of each paragraph while going through the passage the second time
  • Underline the problem words and review them later.

Remember reading comprehension can be bettered with regular online tutoring. When you will take a whiteboard session all your doubts will be solved by your online English tutor. Once you get a hang of it, you will be a master at it. 

Study Tip: Break it down to slay it down!

Invest in Increasing your Vocabulary


Hang on! Don’t dismiss it, you need to regularly invest in increasing your vocabulary. Now before you begin questioning the point of your existence, just hear out the expert. According to your online English tutor, background knowledge is a must. You will outperform only when you increase your vocabulary. 

So if you are one of those, who find this tedious you can simply subscribe to TutorEye and take regular English lessons with an online English tutor. 

When you take regular online tuition, not only do you improve in the subject but you get better grades too.

Let’s simplify this for you. Simply connect with an online English tutor, everyday practice five new words and their usage with an online expert. Even when you are taking online literature tutoring, you are in a way improving your vocabulary. Take mock tests and get regular practice on worksheets. You can get it reviewed later as you now have 24/7 online tutor help, just a click away.

Arrive at the Solution by Identifying the Central Idea


You know what happens when you actively start solving your reading comprehension, you become a whiz kid. This is what your online English tutor boasts that if you practice enough in the mock sessions, in no time you will identify the central idea of the unseen passage.

Look at the bigger picture; you upgrade your knowledge so that you can improve your analytical skills. Every moment of life is teaching you something and all you need to do is identify the central themes. By identifying the underlying theme, you can arrive at the solution. 

So, folks, it’s all about what Steve Jobs said, “Connect the dots”. You can rest assured that there will come a day when you will realize the importance of reading comprehension. Till then keep learning, keep upgrading.

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