Top 5 ways to win a college scholarship

Top 5 ways to win a college scholarship with TutorEye – Graduate debt-free, now.

The excitement of stepping into a college is always at its peak. After all, it is the time when we feel the thrill to experience everything new coming our way. Both parents and children are seeking high hopes for future goals and academic aspirations. It all looks so fancy that at once, you start to imagine your dreams becoming realities.


Isn’t it relatable? 

But the truth is that studying in a college or university is expensive. Some can, and some can’t afford it. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your dreams. Do we believe you heard it loud? 

If you are a high school student or a parent of one reading this blog, then you have landed at the right place as we will help you plan well and reduce the need as much as possible for taking a student loan to enter your dream college. 

TutorEye can be your guide in finding the best scholarships for college students. We are committed to making every student’s journey to their dream college a smoother one. So let’s start with the five things you need to do to get the scholarship at your dream college and crack the test.


1. Make a list of potential scholarships that match your personality traits.

No, you don’t have to do this completely; we have done half of the work already for you. 

TutorEye has prepared a long list of scholarships available to high school and college students in the United States of America. You can start by looking for local scholarships in your area and then also filter the list based on personality traits. Such as if you are a SPORTS person and really excellent at a given sport, then a good idea would be to look for a scholarship that supports your interest.


scholarship that supports students

If you have been supporting a SOCIAL CAUSE or working for one, then look for a scholarship that supports students working for the community and social causes. It can play a huge part in cracking a scholarship. 

You can read the details of each scholarship that you apply for their minimum application requirement.


2. Set a Goal for the Desired GPA 

In most cases, maximum scholarships require a minimum GPA. So the first step is to make a note of the minimum GAP score you need to maintain and then chalk out a plan to achieve a score above that. 

This is another area where TutorEye can step in and be of help. Being an online tutoring platform that focuses on understanding your learning style and then helping you with your learning needs through 1:1 personalized sessions, we offer monthly learning support plans that can help you go all the way from forming a strong academic foundation to actually preparing for college admission tests such as SAT, ACT, AP, etc.


Tutoreye can help you with

This simply means in case you are unhappy with our tutoring support for any sessions, regardless of their duration, we will work with you within the next 48 hours. To provide help on the same topic again with a new tutor without any additional cost to you. 

With consistent guidance from our experts and excellent guidance on the test preparation front, you will be able to maintain or over achieve your required GPA and be eligible to apply for scholarships when the time comes.


3. Start applying for scholarships as early as possible!

If you are thinking about applying for a college scholarship, the deadline starts in September, but most of the students don’t start till after the Christmas break is over. 

TutorEye’s support will once again come in handy as we help you stay organized & studying effectively versus spending your precious time in self troubleshooting the study curriculum.


4. More effort means higher scholarships.

By investing in a smart study plan with TutorEye. You will have more time to invest in more work towards a scholarship. Preparing for tests can be one thing to look for; you can also think about working on videos, projects, social causes, etc. that will improve your chance of winning a scholarship.

5. Prepare an outstanding scholarship essay to ace student reputation. 

It’s extremely important to create an essay for a scholarship. TutotEye can help you craft a solid scholarship essay and make your application stand out. 

From helping you choose the right topic for your scholarship application to following all the little details such as the word count, will be monitored by our team. 

Small mistakes in punctuation & grammar etc. can hurt your chances since it shows that you didn’t prepare your essay as well as other applicants. 

So with all the above, here is the simple calculation for how much you can potentially save in college tuition by investing in an academic learning support partner like TutorEye.

These were the 5 ways through which TutorEye can save your money and other expenses. 

TutorEye topper plan is – $299 monthly. (Students starts on this plan when they enter their high school junior – 11th grade till they are ready to apply for college applications which are high schools senior – 12th grade)

Total investment – $7,176

TutorEye 20 hours monthly support plans help the student achieve an average GPA of 4.0 and also prepare for AP or SAT tests. 

So not only does this increase your chances of being eligible for more scholarships, but it also increases the chances of your getting a merit-based high amount scholarship with your dream college.

Here are some stats from Think Impact on scholarships in the United States:

 30% of scholarships are given to students with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.4. Compared to 5% of scholarships are awarded to students with a GPA lower than 2.4.

Over 66% of students with above-average SAT and ACT scores receive private scholarships.

So not only are you way above the $9,850 that is the average scholarship or grant aid per undergraduate in 2019-2020, according to the College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing 2020” report. But with a $20,000 – $50,000 scholarship in hand with the help of a well-written essay, GPA above 3.0, and High SAT scores, you can graduate from your college debt-free. 

Below is the chart that shows the average college fee in public & private colleges in the United States of America. For a 4-year private college, you’ll be looking at an average cost of $36,801 per year (includes tuition and fees).


Average Tution and Fees

Source –

Still stuck? 

A scholarship can be a life-changing decision that will help you in both short and long-term plans. Now the choice is yours. We have added a detailed plan with you where you have taken notice of how to apply for the best scholarship for college students, save money and dodge debt-trap.

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