motivate Your Child To Study

Top 7 Ways You Can Motivate Your Child To Study

Children are very fragile. They are tiny pieces of joy that have to be taken care of with love and affection. Sometimes due to the competitive behavior of parents, they unknowingly affect a child’s psychology. In this article, we will learn how to overcome that and motivate your child to study.

Child psychology

Children are like a lump of soft clay that could be influenced very easily. The brain is most active and ready to learn new things at an early stage of life, i.e childhood. If the child faces any kind of bullying and de-motivation, it could hamper their growth process and make a major impact for a long time. Thus, they should be constantly supported and motivated.

Parent’s role

Children and parents are interconnected with each other. They are the beads of the same thread. Children closely observe their parents and learn from their behavior. Also, parents are the first Gurus and influence-rs in a child’s life. To keep your child motivated, you have to be very patient, creative and affectionate with them. And we will discuss this how.

Motivate your child

Be their teacher

Parents are the first teachers who teach their kids the basic things, like how to walk, speak eat, etc try this practice in the study too. For example, after they complete their lesson from an online tutor, try to have a lesson with them for a revision. Also, you can keep frequently meetings with their teachers and get a track of their progress.

Be their student too

Children look up to their elders and teachers are one of them too. Try to make them revise their lessons and teach you what they have learned. This would be a revision as well as personality development exercise for them. They will feel empowered and knowledgeable.

Be their off-season Santa 

Everyone likes surprises. Especially children. Surprise them with sudden gifts or appreciations on their little achievements. Take them to a park, treat with favorite ice cream, or buy them a toy. This will help them to be motivated to study more and get good grades.

Achievement candies

As said above, surprises are never bad. Congratulate them with candies, chocolates, etc when they have done something good. Appreciate it and tell them how much their achievement makes a difference in life. The continuous candy trophies and appreciations will keep them boosted.

Tip- Appreciate them, do not spoil with the candies. Try to keep a balance.

Watch documentaries with them

Make them learn with entertainment. When you are at home you can do multiple things with them to study and motivate. One of them is documentaries. Watch some knowledge documentaries related to history, wildlife, space, etc. Share knowledge with them. This way they will create a friendly bond with you and also learn simultaneously.

Give them an idol

Idol always helps you to show a path to follow your dreams. Give them an idol that will always motivate them to move ahead in their lives. Well, do not force an idol on them. Tell them how idols are the guiding lights. Let them decide their idol.  The idol does not need to be Newton or Shakespeare. It could be anyone that inspires them. Motivate them with the idol’s journey so that they learn how to grow strong even from hard times.

Enact Lessons

As mentioned in the first two points, you can either be their teacher or student so that they can revise the lesson. One more thing you can do is to enact that lesson with them. Especially, if it is literature or history. Ask them to assign you one of the characters and then do a skit. This will help them not to learn but also to live that lesson. They will be thrilled to learn it.


Parents play a major role in a child’s life. They together are a family and there is no one who could be as supportive as parents. Know them, spend time with them, and motivate your child to study with an UpGRADE.

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