Essay Writing Styles

What are the Top Essay Writing Styles?

An essay is the short version of any story or thesis writing that is used to communicate the reader about the particular subject topic. Let us know what are the main types of essay writing styles that would help you get great grades in your assignment.

What are Essays?

According to Wikipedia,

An essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument — but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of a paper, an article, a pamphlet, and a short story. Essays have traditionally been sub-classified as formal and informal. 

In simpler terms, the essays are the pieces of writing that are written by a person on basis of any topic, theory, or idea and could be either informal or formal in tone. Further, you can clarify it from online writing tutors that can throw light on the same.

Why Essays are important in Assessments?

Essays are the writing assessments that are given by the professors to test the knowledge of the student. It gives an idea of how much the child is clear with the subject concept. Moreover, it is the brain exercise that helps students to place their views on the same with research and facts. It is considered an important part of grading while the term tests.

Types of Essay Writing Styles

Essays are written with different purposes and thus have different writing formats or styles for it. Let us take a quick look at how they are. You can further know more about them from your online essay writing tutor.

Essay Writing Styles

Descriptive Writing

As the name suggests, these kinds of essay demand description. The students are asked to write a descriptive essay where they have to describe any kind of experience, event, or phenomena. You can take help from your tutor for essay writing help where you can learn how to write. The person has the freedom to describe with a little bit of creativity supporting the facts related to the topic.

Expository Writing

The style of academic writing where you need to explain the topic. It is the kind of providing a solution to the problem. You have to write about what, how, and whys of the subject matter. It has to be fact and research-driven. It could be an academic paper or thesis where yo explain the topic from head to toe or give an overview. This has the intent to educate the reader about the topic. 

Persuasive Writing

In this style of writing, you are in conversation with your reader through writing. Here you present a fact and then the emphasis the argument’s one side by telling them your opinions. It is basically opinion or ideology based writing pieces where you try to influence/persuade the reader. As you persuade the person, it is known as persuasive writing. The debate topic is part of persuasive writing only.

Narrative Writing

This is the kind of writing that is used to tell he stories. In this, the author has the most amount of freedom to twist, make up as many as facts or fictional things he wants to. The author has the creative space to experiment with his write up. It paints the picture in front of the reader just like telling a story through the book. It is generally used in story-making projects.


Writing is an important part of the study ad essay plays an important role in your assessments and gradings. Essay writing is the medium of bringing the inner writer in you to the public. Make the best of it. Take help from your tutors and UpGRADE your writing game!

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