What is coding & why is it so popular?

What is coding & why is it so popular?

Technological disruption is ubiquitous everywhere — from smart televisions and modern appliances to online games, puzzles, and OTT devices. There are still many things going on and many things will be happening. Many more new jobs will be created and several existing positions will also be redefined. Here the ability to learn computer programming and software programming becomes crucial when looking for the right job opportunity or planning to improve their current skills. What has changed everything is “Coding”; and skilled developers can gain competitive positions within their careers.

What is Coding?

Coding is the way to tell your computer to do what you want it to do using a computer’s language – a programming language. You basically type instructions that a computer uses when determining how to perform an activity. Computer programmers write instructions with specific programming languages which enable computers to run sophisticated programming. Through coding, computers learn to interpret information. 

What is Coding used for?

Despite computer science being primarily about theoretical issues, modern life is heavily dependent upon code. All applications on the computer are written using the computer language. Many digital types of equipment including TVs and calculators also employ this technique. The fuel injector in almost every new car controls everything. Cities use computers for driving signals. It gives engineers the ability to build better and cheaper systems, structures, and machines.

What is the importance of Coding for kids?

Not long ago, we used to hear that kids are learning computers. Now they’re learning to code! It is an “in thing” and it is not without reason.

Lets students’ creative juices flowing

Coding allows students to create something new. While many of us find it hard to even operate apps and video games, coders can create them! And there are so many projects that they can bring to life with it. So, if a student is a wellspring of ideas, coding is the platform to put the ideas to action!

Helps with developing communication skills

Communication skills are life skills! It is needed to have cordial relationships, develop workplace harmony, and have a good social life. But can coding help with that? You may be surprised, but the answer is “yes”! One can perhaps blame others for misunderstanding them, but what would one say to a computer? You ought to get accurate with your codes to get your computer to do what you want. See the connection?

Gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience

Having kids who learn code can help them bounce back from failure. The students learn that failure is no problem and that sometimes it can be good for learning. Is this an important reason kids need code? When we can do something again, we are learning something new. Coding teaches children to try a second time to get the results that they need.

Improves Math abilities

Coding is essentially math. Is it possible for schools to teach programming? Learning programming requires several skill sets. The ability of children to learn mathematics is not realized. The use of coding skills is good for learning math. Another good thing about teaching code in school.

Teaches them structural thinking

Knowing structural thinking is important when you are required to solve complex problems. You need to look at the data, sort out relevant ones, and connect the dots. All of these come naturally to students who know how to code.

Computer programming is the future

If we examine the development of the world, code has a very useful role in it. Many companies now use computer programs, and not just technology companies. A student who teaches computer programming will have a higher chance of finding a job in life regardless of what industries they choose in — technology, financial, retail, medical, or any other industry. This is a good enough reason to teach code in the classroom.

What are the most popular coding languages?

Many different programming languages exist and most are specifically targeted toward particular application needs. Usually, the language is mastered by just a handful of specialized people because it isn’t required. However, some programming languages appear as often as ever in answering the questions about “programming 101”. These are common everywhere – literally – and very easy to learn. Some common coding languages that are useful for novices are:


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a front-end web development language that is used on almost every website, making it a critical language for any web development team to learn and use.


CSS is another front-end programming language that allows you to customize the appearance of a website. It is often learned alongside HTML.


Python is arguably the most widely used coding language with fairly simple syntax and numerous uses like AI and Machine Learning.


C is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. It has a variety of uses such as developing applications, browsers, databases, operating systems, etc.


Often called the “Swiss Pocket Knife of Languages”, C++ is a multipurpose language. Some of the common uses are developing cloud computing, operating systems, online games, banking systems, libraries, etc.


Java ranks among the most flexible languages for the definition and usage of programming code. This is primarily utilized in web-end development and mobile-based development, although this is no limitation.


JavaScript is largely used for backend development, so you can theoretically create most of the internet site in a single language.

How can I accelerate my learning?

How do you learn coding from a computer? Learning a programming language may not be easy, but you could learn something easier like Java or PHP. Getting fluent requires time and commitment, but learning syntax and conventions in a language require much practice. You can enroll yourself on an in-person course, or an online course. But, if you are keen on learning to code with maximum flexibility as well as any-time personalized support, try online tutoring. TutorEye’s online computer science tutors can help you right at the stage of learning you are at.

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