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Statistics is the compilation of studies spanning analysis, organization, presentation, interpretation, and collection of data. It is safe to say it is coined from the mathematical field called probability. With probability, you can safely determine the likelihood of an event to occur. More so, you can also talk about randomness. Useful in most fields, you find statistics across scientific research fields such as medicine, economics, psychology, demography, and so on. An online statistical course highlights the basic concepts of mathematics, logic, statistical reasoning, research methods, data evaluation, and data analysis.

What is the Scope of Statistics

In this ‘age of planning’, statistics come as a necessary tool and is therefore indispensable on most grounds. You will discover that the government of most countries is on the move to find research methods that boost economic development. Series analysis, price, wages, and demand analysis are economic problems that you will find statistical techniques and data useful for.

An irreplaceable tool in the control of production, statistics spans several industries. In addition, more business executives are relying more on statistical tools in the study of customers’ preferences. For quality control, industry statistics are perfect. Statistical tools such as control chart and inspection tools are effective in production engineering – determining the conformation of products to specifications. Furthermore, social workers, bankers, trade associations, labor unions, insurance companies, and politicians are gradually finding their feet in statistics for several data.

Distribution of the Online Statistical Course

Basically, the scope of statistics spans across the nature of statistics, the subject matter of statistics, and the limitations of statistics. While statistics itself is an art and a science, it is found under the subheadings of ‘statistical methods’ and ‘applied statistics’.

Job Opportunities in Statistics

There are several arms of the statistical profession where one will find a career by solving a lot of problems in a variety of fields and apply statistical and mathematical knowledge to economic and social problems. You will find statistics in an array of disciplines and careers. Some prominent examples are business, agriculture, health sciences, computer science, industry, government, scientific, private, and a host of disciplines. Candidates of statistics are also eligible to apply for Civil services, Statistical services, and the Economic services exams.

To help people struggling with statistics, statistics tutors are the most prized set of people in the profession. Recently, there is a high demand for such tutors because of the great decline in the performance of students in statistics. It makes for a great job opportunity for the highly skilled statisticians.

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