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What would be the future of online tutoring in 2021?


 Well, no soothsayer or pundit could have predicted the pandemic. Yet here we are talking about the future and how online tutoring will prevail. Yes, when everything stopped making sense, it was the technology that helped schools and colleges to adapt. It helped people to work remotely and have some kind of normalcy. Everyone wants to know how online tutoring in 2021 will be a game-changer.

To ensure students don’t miss out on learning, schools moved classes online and teachers found themselves preparing to impart education via digital mode. The rest of the world realized that we are truly a global village that scholars have talked about and stepped up the learning game with the help of technology.

Now the year 2020 will go down in history as the year of the pandemic. This year we also witnessed the “online movement” in the field of education. It was already there but it grew leaps and bounds during the coronavirus scare. Indeed, we took it as a challenge that learning must not stop so we chose to upgrade all the way.

While the world came to terms with the pneumonia of unknown cause, e-learning offered a ray of hope to the students facing lockdown and school closures.

Let’s talk numbers:

Let’s look at the projections at hand. According to Report Linker, “The Global Online Tutoring Market is expected to grow from USD 6,561.43 Million in 2019 to USD 18,758.24 Million by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.13%.” But what does it mean, the answer is simple learning online is the new normal and is here to stay.


Online Tutoring Market


While COVID-19 has surely put every middle, high school, and college student into a tailspin. The lines have blurred as to what constitutes study time and free time. Yes, it is mind-boggling. But believe us when we say that all data suggests that blended learning is the order of the day.

Now online services are helping parents who are new to homeschooling and to those who believe in taking personalized study sessions to help their child academically. But what does 2021 entail for our students? Let’s seek some answers.

Get ready to explore the  tutoring platforms:

Yes, the much-awaited vaccine is here! But does this mean throwing caution to the wind and making the most of campus life? The answer is- we’ll have to take a raincheck on this one. It’s too early to say but it’s good news nonetheless.


Online Tutoring Platforms


Let’s face it online education has become an integral component of school education. Even celebrities are making their kids take online classes. Yes, the whiteboard is a great tool. It helps you and every student take classes with a live tutor to answer your queries.

But, we assure you that there is a bright side to all this. Just remember the words of Sundar Pichai’s from his commencement speech for the class of 2020 and the message- “You will prevail”. 

There are so many opportunities that await you. Surely, you can step up the game with online help. The world of online learning is exciting. Get ready to learn anything without being dictated by the age or grade you belong to. So take the leap and up your game.

Tutoring organizations to go from strength to strength

Yes, it’s good news for parents who are looking for tutoring options on the web as a way to help their children. You can continue to educate your child at home. 

Tutoring 2021

So what you need is a trustworthy site that can provide live study help or help you with your school or college homework. Many trusted platforms like TutorEye are providing and will continue to impart technology support to schools in 2021 and help students with 1:1 personalized tutoring outside of their classroom. 

It’s your chance to explore some of the best tutoring sites that offer quality education and one-on-one help to the students. And, what’s not possible to achieve with 24/7 help.

Online Learning

Isn’t it great! Here’s the silver lining, while you may feel you are missing out but you can continue to learn and rely on online resources. So while the world continues to battle with the chaos that pandemic has unleashed, you can always opt for online tutoring in 2021.

How online tutoring in 2021 will be a game-changer?

2021 will belong to the platforms that offer quality tutoring and help students. E-learning is the greatest tool and it will nurture the talent pool that found itself battling chaos when schools were shut. In fact, studies suggest that there will also be an increase in tutoring online job opportunities.

Tutoring platforms are providing a boost to the cause of education. Many are readying a talent pool that will not be lost when the world is ready to resume itself. With whiteboard technology equipped with a feedback mechanism, you can learn at your pace. Today’s tools can transport you to a world where only a tutor and tutee exist. You can deliberate concepts with a tutor and that is a wonder in itself. Furthermore, opting for online tutoring in 2021 is a smart choice.

Yes, these are strange times but it also holds a promise for the generation that has suddenly become in charge to take reigns of their education. With the help of online tutoring, get ready to seize the day, and build your future. It’s time to upgrade and scale-up quality instruction.  Overall, to truly embrace the future- get creative, stay safe, have fun, and never stop learning.

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