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Why Homeschooling is on the Rise Amidst Coronavirus Scare?

Online homeschooling is providing the answer to deal with Coronavirus scare

“While temporary school closures as a result of health and other crises are not new, unfortunately, the global scale and speed of the current educational disruption are unparalleled and, if prolonged, could threaten the right to education.” 

– Audrey Azoulay, the UNESCO Director-General.

The world woke up to pneumonia of unknown cause and everyone was panic-stricken.  To be honest, nothing has been the same ever since. COVID 19 has gripped nations with fear and paralyzed the world machinery.  With schools and colleges shut many parents found themselves as accidental homeschoolers.

According to news reports, nearly 30 million students have been affected by school closures due to coronavirus. Parents are finding hard to deal with the current reality. Children find their lives are disrupted today. But there is a solution to this genuine learning problem.

Time to step-up

In these times, parents are presented with a choice to opt for affordable online homeschooling programs. What’s the need of the hour is that children’s routine must not be disrupted. They have a unique opportunity to homeschool themselves as there is not a near end to the problem.

As these are hard times, parents find themselves in an increasingly difficult situation. Right from taking care of the chores to looking after the kids. Also, many find themselves increasingly stressed and faced with many other obligations. One is already handling all tasks like cooking, cleaning and working from home, etc. Here, technology provides a way to make learning easy. Today parents can opt for online homeschooling programs.

Online tutoring platforms like TutorEye, are allowing affordable homeschooling options. Studies prove optimum learning happens within the comfort of the home. Parents can connect with tutors online to co-create lesson plans for their children. This can be a way to provide structure in times of COVID 19.

Many parents are finding that there is a lack of online teaching material from regular schools. This is a problem because they need to upgrade themselves as homeschool educators. They can check out many online homeschool programs to make sure that a child’s academics do not suffer.

Homeschooling in Coronavirus


Here’s what parents can do if they are homeschooling their kid during Coronavirus scare:

1 ) Register on a credible online tutoring platform:

Let technology take the reigns. If you are a harried parent looking for an answer to your worries during such time, subscribe to online tuition. many are offering student-friendly plans at pocket-friendly rates.

2) Maintain discipline at home:

If you are a parent who is suddenly forced to choose an online homeschooling program, make sure that discipline in the house is maintained. Take an active part in scheduling a class for your child with an online math tutor. This will ensure some normalcy and provide a structure in children’s lives.

3) Make color-coded homeschool timetable:

Here’s your once in a lifetime chance as a parent to take this new role of a teacher with gusto. COVID 19 can be a gloomy time for your child and you both, but you can turn this situation around. Now make color-coded study sessions for your child and implement it. Times may be hard but you can come out with flying colors.

Now if you are a student or a bright young scholar who is being homeschooled. Here’s what you can do to make homeschooling fun.

  1. Connect with your online tutor:

    Yes, you can choose your online homeschool tutor. Campuses may be shut but there is no need to miss out on learning. Get ready to take a live study session and learn on the go.

     2. Get ready to deep dive:

You know what homeschooling does not confine you to a strict timetable. Here you can choose to learn at your convenience, whenever you want. Don’t let the age or your grade to dictate your interest in a subject. Your tutors are available 24/7. Get ready to get in-depth knowledge.

Homeschooling Experts


3. Seek homework help from experts:

If you are stuck and need help with a subject, you can simply choose to get homework help. Online homeschooling programs connect you with subject experts. In case you need written assistance to get clarity on a topic, you are free to do so.

For those who were always homeschooled, may also find themselves stressed due to disruption in regular activities. 

Moreover, many celebrities who are homeschooling their children amidst coronavirus scare are expressing their gratitude to teachers. Shonda Rhimes is one such celebrity. Let this wave of newfound respect for teachers and learners wash over us.

These times have made all of us realize that we all have a role to play as educators. Apart from regular studying, we have to teach regular hand washing and social distancing.

Remember these times call for UpGRADED versions of ourselves and make sure that you upgrade with the best.

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