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Why is a career in computer science lucrative in 2022?

The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in the year 1822. It has been 200 years now, and since then this invention has changed the world drastically. The largest software manufacturing company, Microsoft earned a whopping $125 billion in the year 2019!

Today, computers are a major part of all our lives in terms of communicating, accounts keeping, watching multimedia, transferring funds, governance, scientific breakthroughs, and many more. We can now store huge amounts of data, solve complicated problems easily, thanks to computers. Needless to say, this creates a great demand for computer science jobs.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is an umbrella term that encompasses the study of different aspects of making a computer, understanding how it interacts with a user, and the hardware and software aspects of it. A career in computer science can let you explore different facets like robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, development, and database management.

Top Computer Science Degrees and how much they pay

*pays have been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

If you are contemplating getting a computer science degree, we have good news for you. In the US, there are more computer science bachelor’s degree jobs vacant than there are qualified candidates for the same.

Software Developer

Software developers are people who work on various software programs and applications by designing, developing, and testing them. The job offers opportunities in terms of working alone or with a team. They usually need creativity and perception skills in terms of the problems users may face while interacting with software. Knowledge in programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python is useful for this sphere.

Pay: Average median salary is $110,140. There is a projected growth of 22% in the software development sector jobs between 2020-30.

Web Developer

Web developers are in the job of designing and making new websites. The number of businesses and organizations getting a website is more than ever before. This makes it a very in-demand job. You can work as a front-end developer, where you design the website based on what the user sees, or a back-end developer who works on the technical programming and coding aspects. HTML, CSS, Javascript are some of the important languages to know besides the knowledge of how servers function.

Pay: Average median salary is $77200. There is a projected growth of 13% in the software development sector jobs between 2020-30.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

A Computer and Information Research Scientist is a research and development worker in the world of computers and IT. It means that they are required to invent new uses for the existing technologies and solve problems in newer ways. They may work with different verticals like data, programming, engineers in different specialties, etc. It has lots of requirements in the government sector and academics.

Pay: Average median salary is $126,830. There is a projected growth of 22% in the software development sector jobs between 2020-30.

Information Security Analysts

Data is of high value to organizations. Thus, keeping it safe is very important from cyberattacks and theft. This is a job Information Security Analysts do. They work towards protecting a company’s computer network and systems. They need to stay updated about the data security trends and leave no loopholes for violation.

Pay: Average median salary is $103590. There is a projected growth of 33% in the software development sector jobs between 2020-30.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer Hardware Engineers work with various computer hardware parts such as processors, circuit sheets, routers, etc. They can design the hardware, check compatibility with software, regulate the assembling of the parts, and the likes. They can not just work on personal computers, but also gadgets that function with the internet, like home apparatus and clinical gadgets.

Pay: Average median salary is $119560. There is a projected growth of 2% in the software development sector jobs between 2020-30.

How to succeed in computer science?

Computer science can give you many career options, but it is not without effort. A good plan can keep you ahead of the competition. Note the following tips:

  1. Decide on the computer science career pathways based on your interest and feasibility.
  2. Work on developing the practical skills and project work more than theoretical parts
  3.  Gain hold over math concepts in discrete math, number theory, etc.
  4. Make the most of the internship training.
  5. Become a time management ninja.
  6. Learn to work in collaboration as well as alone.
  7. Stay updated about the latest development in the computer science field.
  8. Keep adding to your skillsets by learning different programming languages, software processes, etc.

To build a strong career in computer science, it is crucial to have clarity about the concepts right from the beginning. Given the vast curriculum, it may seem overwhelming, or even monotonous to study. But, with supportive step-by-step guidance from computer science tutors and homework helpers, students can succeed. At TutorEye, the philosophy is to support the students and help them improve their grades and level of knowledge with the help of world-class online tutors. Now whether you wish to learn C++, Android programming, Computer Arithmetic, or any other aspect of this subject, you have live virtual help. Any time, any day!

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