Reasons why students hate math

Why students hate math & how online tutoring can change that

There are two kinds of students, one who loves math and the second who hates math. We assume the reader is someone who hates math. If you love math then we would love to have your views in the comment section below – feel free to drop some quick tips and tricks to solve math questions! 

Now, according to a survey data, 46% of students like math and nearly 24% dislike math while the remaining ones have shown an indifference towards the subject. And the biggest surprise in that survey is, 68% of students have said, they would have loved math if they better understood the subject applicability in the near future. 

It simply tells us that math is not actually the most disliked subject but there is a lack of clarity and understanding that makes it more difficult for the students. 

Let’s understand the role of online tutoring in learning math and reasons why students hate math.

Is online math tutoring the answer to math woes?

Online math tutoring is becoming increasingly prevalent as a mode of coaching students to perform better at math. It is about finding an online math tutor who provides personalized classes over the internet. It helps students freely ask questions, and get the full attention of a tutor for optimal growth. With such support, students can get over their failures, catch up with their classmates, and gradually become a pro at mathematics.

As per UK research published on British Council Org website, Research shows that maths anxiety is linked to poor maths performance, and can make learning the subject a daily struggle. A math tutor can help in a varety of ways: from first building confidence to brushing up the fundamental skills and ofcourse breaking down complex problems and providing step by step guidance.

Let us take a look at the most common challenges students face that make them dislike the subject of numbers.

Problem 1: Incomplete Knowledge of Rules of Math

Often students study to just get by in the exams. As a result, they do not grasp the topics completely. And when they are required to use the same knowledge as a foundation for higher math, they are at their wit’s end. Many students take algebra, only to fail because they do not understand the rules of PEMDAS. At the high school level, students who are weak with quadratic equations, have little chance to succeed at Calculus.

Role of Online Math Tutor: Assessing Student’s Weak Areas, & Providing Personalized Mentorship

An online math tutor would likely not just explain a topic to the students, but also follow through on checking how well the student has understood. Besides, they also set up tests to assess the student’s performance. Based on the results, they understand where the student is faltering, and guide them accordingly. Since online tutoring is available 24/7, students can learn at their own pace, and keep consulting with the tutor to improve their performance.

Problem 2: Not Understanding the Importance of Math

Math sometimes does get boring, and even difficult. Many of the topics in math such as Polynomials, and Radicals seem to appear far removed from practical applications. These are the times when students start questioning why they need to study math. They even lose a natural interest in this subject.

Role of Online Math Tutor: Show the Various Practical Uses & Applications of Math in Present & Future

Online tutors are in a good place to identify the cause behind a student’s disinterest in math. Once they learn about the student’s reasons to avoid math, they can educate students on how math has been used for the various developments in science, technology, sports, business, and even household needs. For example, they may give the students a situation about how they can spend their pocket money effectively and save for something they want to buy. Algebraic equations can be effectively used here.

Problem 3: Fear of Making Mistakes & Failing

Unlike English composition and History answers, in math, one cannot enjoy the liberty to write answers in a variety of ways. With math, one needs to answer in a set manner. And the answers are either right or wrong. And more often than not, one is bound to make mistakes while solving math problems. Students either get stuck or simply refuse to work on problems.

Role of Online Math Tutor: Motivating the Student

Math tutors at TutorEye often share with the students how they themselves made mistakes as students of mathematics. But it was only through their indomitable will to succeed that they kept going, and ultimately excelled at different topics. They can assure through their achievements that the fulfillment of solving math problems is truly rewarding, and the effort is well worth it.

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Problem 4: Making Silly Mistakes

A lot of marks get lost due to students making silly errors in math. For example, copying the figures erroneously from the question paper to the answer sheet, or adding a figure instead of multiplying, etc. So, in spite of the student knowing how to solve problems, they ultimately score unsatisfactory marks.

Role of an Online Math Tutor: Pointing them out to Students & Making them Practice More

Here, the tutors show the students what kind of errors they are making and if there are patterns to them. Then, they instruct the students to practice more problems and also revise before submitting the answer sheet, or the assignments.

Problem 5: Poor Teacher: Student Ratio in Schools

In school, there are over 20 students a teacher needs to explain to in a class. And even the class timings are limited. This leaves them with their attention divided. Individual doubts remain unresolved. As a result, the students are not sure about how to work with various math problems.

Role of an Online Math Tutor: Providing 1:1 Guidance

A personalized math tutor can pay 100% attention to their student and resolve this problem easily. Besides, the access to online tutoring is 24/7. So, the student can learn at a speed that is comfortable to him/her.

Problem 6: Finding Math Unstimulating & Boring

One of the reasons why students hate math is they find it extremely boring. Yes, there is absolutely no fun in exploring the subject. Even if students understand the value of mathematics, some of them may feel strained to work on math problems at a stretch if they do not see instant enjoyment.

Role of Math Tutors: Present Math in Interesting Ways through Games & Animated Graphics, etc.

There are sometimes multiple ways to arrive at an answer to a math problem. Alternate solutions require different ways to think. Often that involves different ways of learning. Through a simple VARK quiz, online math tutors at TutorEye determine how the student learns the best, and incorporate the learning style into their online classes. While some students learn better through seeing graphics, diagrams, and animated videos, others prefer to play games, and yet others learn better through mnemonics. The tutors have all the tricks up their sleeves.

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Problem 7: Pressure from Parents to Score Well

Parents are the primary people from whom a child seeks approval and acceptance. But, when parents play the role of a math tutor, they sometimes let go of the role as a parent. And at other times, they have unfair expectations from their children. This creates stress for the students, and they cannot freely study.

Role of an Online Math Tutor: Harmonizing Parent-Child Relationship through Effective Communication

When studying with a tutor, a hidden parental expectation from them is gone. Furthermore, the tutor can speak to the parents from time to time about the performance, as well as the needs of the student. The student can also share their problems with the tutor without feeling any pressure to conform to the parent’s wishes. Through calm and clear communication, Math helper can help both students and their parents feel less anxious.

Problem 8: Learning Disabilities with Math

Sometimes, students suffer from difficulties understanding math numbers and make mistakes while transposing numbers from the left-hand side to the right-hand side of the equations. They even make errors like mixing up numbers that look similar, for example writing 100 instead of 1000. This may be due to learning disabilities such as dyscalculia.

Role of an Online Math Tutor: Helping Students Develop Math Skills Through Specialized Instructions

Once the online tutors identify this matter, they can use specialized techniques to improve the grasping of math. Through playing certain games where the left-right alignment is required, and speaking out aloud while writing, and generally going slow, students can gradually get over their disabilities.

The tutor’s patience, as well as knowledge of alternate ways of instructing, is one of the key factors here. At TutorEye, our tutors use whiteboards to provide instructions that make use of large, and colorful graphics, as well as sounds that can make learning a multi-sensory experience. This is a huge benefit in learning for students who struggle at learning in traditional ways.

Overall, it can be concluded that online math tutoring can make it extremely easy for students as well as their parents to overcome the various challenges with learning math, especially those reasons that promote the ‘I hate math’ mindset. Our math tutors would be happy to be of service and help turn the hatred to love.

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