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Both of the assignments should be coded in java and be done according to the rubric they should be separated


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1.1. Complete an algorithm, code and compile the following program. Save the program as Final Grade Calculator Write a program that ...

Final Grade Calculator Write a program that allows an instructor to calculate the final grade for the students in a class. Use the following menu to drive the program: 1. Enter new student information 2. Exit When the user chooses (1) they will be prompted for the following information: Number of Exams and the grade for each Number of Quizzes and the grade for each Number of Homework assignments and the grade for each Input validation: All grades entered must be between 0 and 100. The final grade is then calculated as follows: Exams: 40% of final grade Quizzes: 40% Homework: 20% Display the final grade for each student. The user may enter as many students as possible until they choose to quit. Please see attached output example. 2. Upload both your algorithm and your source code. Grading Rubric: (20 points) Include the following in your algorithm: Algorithm (3 points) If statements/Loops (8 points total) Main menu loop and if statements (4) Input validation loop for exam, quizzes, homework grade (2) Input validation for main menu (2) Calculations (9 points total) Average exams (2) Average quizzes (2) Average homework (2) Final Grade (3)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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