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2.If V1 = - i and the magnitude and angle of V2 are 2 and LaTeX: \frac{\pi}{6}π 6rad, respectively, ...

what option shows the magnitude and angle of V1 - V2? Hint: Do the vector resolution for V2 and find its components. Then, calculate V1 - V2 using the components of V1 and V2, and finally find the magnitude and the angle.
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4.A spring with stiffness constant 45.0 N m is attached to the side of a 2.20 kg steel block on a ...

el tabletop. A child attempting to use the spring to pull the block directly horizontally from rest extends the spring by 30.0 cm a) Does the block slip? Explicitly state how you know. b) Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration if the block accelerates or, if it does not, calculate the magnitude of the static frictional force acting on the block.
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5.With her bare hands and her arms rigidly extended, a girl catches a 0.16kg baseball coming directly at her at ...

at her at speed of 40m/s. She shouts, “Youch!’ because the fast-moving ball hurts her hands. She quickly learns how to move her arms and hands along with the ball as she catches it to reduce the magnitude of the impulse force. If the contact time of the collision is increased from the original value of 3.5ms with no arm or hand movement, to 8.5ms in the manner described, how do the magnitudes of the average impulse forces compare? Calculate both of these average forces.
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