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Calculate the ppm concentration of cr in a solution that is x m ag cr o given the following ag cr o


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1.Calculate the ppm concentration of Cr in a solution that is 1X10-3 M Ag2Cr2O7 , given the following: Ag2Cr2O7 ...

: Ag2Cr2O7 (432g/mol) , Ag (108 g/mol) , Cr (52g/mol) Write only the answer without decimal digits
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2.Problem Set 1. Name ________________________ 1. For hexachlorobenzene (HCB), log Kow = 5.3, What would be the predicted concentration of HCB ...

, What would be the predicted concentration of HCB due to bioconcentration in the fat of fish that swim in water containing 0.00006 ppm of the chemical? 2. The fat content of breast milk averages a little over 4.0 g per 100 ml. Calculate the mass of DDE that would have been ingested by a typical breast-fed infant in 1972 consuming 300 ml of breast milk per feeding, if the milk contained about 500 ppb of DDE in its fat content. 3. The PCB concentration in Lake Michigan is declining according to a first-order rate law having a rate constant of 0.078 year-1. If the PCB concentration in the lake averaged 0.057 ppt (parts per trillion) in 1994, what was the concentration in 2004? In what year will the concentration fall to 0.005 ppt.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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