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Consider the equation x x y y if the line x y a is it s diameter then find the value of a


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1.Consider the following equation 4a(4a − x) = 3b(x + 3b). (i) Rearrange the equation to find x in terms of ...

terms of a and b. (ii) Explain why a ≠ -3/4b ' ( b) A cylinder has a length equal to 3 times its diameter. Find the total area of the cylinder as a function of its radius.
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2.Consider a fluid bounded by two parallel plates extended to infinity such that no end effects are encountered (unidirectional flow ...

countered (unidirectional flow or parallel flow). The planer walls and the fluids are initially at rest. Lower plate moves to left and upper plate to right. Let the fluids be an oil, where kinematic viscosity (ν) = 2.17 x 10-4m2/s and the distance between both plate (h) is 10 mm. U0 = 0.4 m/s I need to find the governing equation, boundary conditions, initial conditions and to derive velocity distribution in steady state. Also, Use FTCS explicit method to calculate the velocity distribution as a function of time by implementing these governing equation in Matlab
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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