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Consider the following equation a a x b x b i rearrange the equation to find x in terms of


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1.Solution gas drive oil reservoirs experience greater recovery efficiency than undersaturated reservoirs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of ...

irs during primary recovery. This problem explores some aspects of this behavior. Consider the expansion of methane from 300 bars to 50 bars at a constant temperature of 40 C (313 K). Methane obeys the following equation of state V =(RT/P)+C+(D/T) where C = 31 cm3/mol, D = -693cm3K/mole, and R = 83.14bar cm3/mole K. Note that the units of energy are bar-cm3/mole in this problem. Report your answer in bar-cm3/mole (a) What is the change in enthalpy during the expansion (b) What is the change in internal energy? (c) What is the heat removed? (d) How much work does the system do during the expansion?
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2.Consider the following balanced chemical equation below: 2CH3I + 2NO2 → 2 CH3NO2 + I2 If 1.75 moles of CH3I were combined ...

5 moles of CH3I were combined with an excess of NO2 gas, how many grams of I2 would form?
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3.Consider the following equation 4a(4a − x) = 3b(x + 3b). (i) Rearrange the equation to find x in terms of ...

terms of a and b. (ii) Explain why a ≠ -3/4b ' ( b) A cylinder has a length equal to 3 times its diameter. Find the total area of the cylinder as a function of its radius.
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4.We consider a L=3m bridge modeled by a 1d bar subject to a h=1m snow load. The pressure load ...

iven by a=x0= 0m x1=1m x3=2m b=x3=3m The equation for the 1d bar bending is given by : Data : P=20.Pa, T=10000.N/m a=0., b=5. et The bar is discretized into n=4 points with a constant spacing . 1) Considering the Taylor expansion of and 2) Replacing the approximation in the bending equation, show that we have the following Discrete approximate problem where , , 3) Solve the linear system using both direct Gauss and Gauss-Jordan methods and plot the curve 4) Using numerical integration, compute the approximate
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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