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Support your team with TutorEye’s Employee-Benefit Programme !

We are thrilled to share with our partners that you can now take a step ahead in supporting your employees by providing them company benefits through our customized online tutoring & homework help plans. We aim to provide academic confidence to both students and parents through dedicated tutoring assistance.

We understand that when both the parents are working, spending quality time with children gets difficult, let go of teaching.

These plans will cater to the needs of their children's academic goals, boost self-confidence and gain clarity in subjects.

Through online tutoring and homework help, their children can access a virtual world of education 24/7, and parents can work stress-free and give their best to the company.

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Benefits for an Organization

Online Education

Encourage Retainment Culture

The company environment matters a lot. Retention of employees and calling out for potential hires is a challenging yet extremely important task. To stay competitive and ahead, you have to think beyond and help employees with benefits like EBP. Most of the parents have less time to spend with their kids and help them in studies, thus they end up staying worried which also affects their work. Considering this, our services are the best way to balance such recurring situations.


Improve Recruitment Process

Employees feel confident when organizations understand their different roles, and one most important role is towards their children. As an employee and a parent, constant worry about a child’s education is common, but when organizations empathize and take relevant steps, actions to support employees, it makes recruiting an employee easier.


Reduced Employee Stress

Employees as parents are great multi-taskers, but when it comes to their child’s education; their effort amplifies. Parents feel more relaxed and satisfied when their children receive strong commitment & quality education. Parents feel at ease and motivated.

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Benefits for Parents & Students


A Family-friendly Plan :

Providing a healthy work-life balance starts with confident parents, and it’s time to go that extra mile for your employees. We have noticed that employees are stressed, and worried about their child’s education which can result in more tensity. With EWP, both parents and children can track study health and stay productive, active, and focused respectively.


Fulfill Dream College Aspirations:

We know every student has a dream college, but the challenge is to turn those dreams into reality. From writing college essays to filling college applications, our best tutors in the industry will guide children at every step and make sure they achieve their dream university or college.


All-time presence of Tutors

We understand the urgency of academic help, and that’s why our tutors are available 24/7 for homework help and tutoring assistance. You don’t have to schedule your study slot in advance, it’s easy to find a tutor in less than 3 minutes and start with instant study help.


More than 100+ subjects

Students can learn from more than 100 subjects and excel in their studies through great learning from certified tutors. Be it any grade, students can find quick help and enjoy learning.

TutorEye is happy to help families and corporates through EWP, and we are trying to bring everyone into this collaborative program for mutual convenience, ease and good.

Through our Employee Benefit Programme, we also aim to deliver satisfaction and let parents escape mental stress and spend more time with their families.

We look forward to taking this academic partnership ahead with you, Let’s create a better & stress-free environment for everyone!


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