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Determine the radius of an entire circle if you know that the arc length is cm and the angle


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1.Determine the radius of an entire circle if you know that the arc length is 18 cm and the angle ...

hat circle sector is 13 degrees (so convert to radians if necessary).
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2.The volume of a cylinder with height h and radius r can be found using the formula V = π ...

Suppose the volume of a cylinder is 402.12 ft3 and the height is twice the radius what is the radius of the cylinder. Determine the radius, rounded to the nearest whole foot. The radius is____ ft?
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3.A cylindrical object had a surface area of 45m squared. Determine the dimensions of the cylinder (that is, determine the ...

at is, determine the radius and the height) that would maximize the volume of the cylinder. State your final answer accurate to 1 decimal place
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4.. A uniform cylinder of mass M and radius R is initially at rest on a rough horizontal surface. A ...

ght string is wrapped around the cylinder and is pulled straight up with a force T whose magnitude is 0.8 Mg. As a result, the cylinder slips and accelerates horizontally. The moment of inertia of the cylinder is I = 12 MR2 and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.4. a. On the diagram above show all the forces applied on the cylinder. b. Determine the linear acceleration a of the center of the cylinder. c. Determine the angular acceleration α of the cylinder. d. Explain the difference in results of linear acceleration a and αR.
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