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Excerpt from the best camping trip of his life tracy wilson david couldn t wait to get off from work for he had


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1.Excerpt from The Best Camping Trip of his Life Tracy Wilson David couldn’t wait to get off from work, for he had ...

m work, for he had an exciting weekend planned. He and his seven year-old son, Landon, were going on a camping trip. As David drove toward the Greenville suburb where Landon lived with his mother, the guilt gnawed at him. He hated that since the divorce nearly a year ago, he had not spent the quality time with Landon that he now wished he had. The two hour drive to Landon’s new home only complicated the wish for more frequent visits. David decided he was not going to dwell on the past, but instead look to the future. This weekend camping trip was just what they needed. Which is a conflict in the passage? A) David and Landon are struggling to catch fish for their dinner. B) Landon’s mom is disappointed in David for not coming to see them more often. C) Landon is angry with his mother for not going camping with him and his father. D) David is struggling with the guilt he feels for not spending enough time with his son.
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