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Explain why we have so many different jurisdictions for criminal offenses


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1.Recall that Euclid showed that in Euclidean geometry, every triangle can be circumscribed by a circle in the Euclidean plane. In ...

e in the Euclidean plane. In this exercise, we will show this is not true in the Poincar´e plane. As usual, let Γ be the unit circle in R2 , and let O be the origin. Let A = (3/4, 0) and B = (0, 3/4). Consider the P-triangle △OAB. Let γ be the E-circle through O, A, and B. Show that γ contains points outside of Γ and is therefore not a P-circle. Explain why this means that the P-triangle △OAB cannot have a circumscribed circle in the Poincar´e plane.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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