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1.1. Find the second-order derivative of the following function:f(x) = log2cosx+ lnπ 2. Using limit definition of derivative, determine whether f(t) =1,t≤0 1/2(t+ ...

definition of derivative, determine whether f(t) =1,t≤0 1/2(t+ 5),0< t≤1 is differentiable at t= 1 √t+ 2, t >1 3. FM Corporation is a company that manufactures face masks. For everyxthousand pieces of facemask sold, the company’s revenue (in thousand pesos) isR(x) =x(5 +x),x≥0. a. If the company soldxthousand pieces of face mask, find the company’s marginal revenue.Note: Marginal revenue is the increase in revenue that results from the sale of one additionalunit of output. b. Find the number of face mask sold if the company has a marginal revenue of Php 25,000.
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