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Find the linear function f x f x passing through the points and enter your answer using function notation


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1.The cost of driving a car includes both fixed costs and mileage costs. Assume that insurance and car payments cost ...

payments cost $420 per month and gasoline, oil, and routine maintenance cost $0.52 per mile. a. Find a linear function f that gives the annual cost of driving this car x miles b. What are the domain and range of this function?
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2.In 1990, the average monthly rate for basic cable TV was $10.50, and in 2010 the average monthly rate was ...

e was $53.50. Assuming that the rate increase per year is constant, find a linear cost function to model the increase in cable rates. Let x= the number of years after 1990, and C(x) equal the cable TV charges.
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3.A weather balloon has a capacity of 11 ft3 . It is filled with hydrogen at a constant rate. Initially, the balloon ...

itially, the balloon contains 4 ft3 of hydrogen and it takes 14 seconds to com- pletely fill the balloon. (a) At what rate is the balloon filled? (b) Find a linear function V that models the volume of hydrogen in the balloon at any time t. (c) What can you say about the graph of V ? (You do not need to sketch the graph.)
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4.You make very good pizzas, so you decide to sell your pizzas on campus. Since the set up for making ...

pizza is already available to you, the only cost involved is that of making the pizza, which you calculate to be $ 5 per pizza. a. What is the cost function? If 10 pizzas are available in a day, the market offers a price of $ 11 per pizza. If 50 pizzas are available in a day, the market offers a price of $ 7 per pizza. b. Assuming a linear relationship between price and quantity, find the price that the market offers as a function of the number of pizzas available. You start selling the pizzas. c. What is revenue as a function of the quantity you sell? What is the profit function? d. What quantity will maximize your profit? Call it q ∗ 1. What is the maximum profit? e. If somebody is already supplying 5 pizzas every day, What is the maximum profit that you can make?
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5.(1,5) , (2,10) and (3, 19) are points on the curve y = ax^2 + bx + c. Found a, ...

-1 and c = 4. So quadratic function is y = 2x^2 - x + 4. Next question is: suppose that the 3rd point is written as (3, t). Find all values for t that will change the quadratic function y =ax^2 + bx + c into a linear function.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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