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1.I have a question about putting together a y=mx+b equation. I am given the slope of 6, and it says ...

he line passes through the point of (-1, 5). How do I find the y-intercept?
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2.A household's expenditure on consumer goods depends on the household's income, I in the following way: When income is ...

y: When income is $1000, the expenditure on consumer goods is $800. Whenever income increases by 100, the expenditure on consumer goods increases by 80. (a) find the slope of the consumption function (b) find the equation of the consumption function (c) find the consumption when income is $7000 Question 8 options: i) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 80 (c) 5680 ii) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 880 (c) 5660 iii) (a) m = -4/5 (b) c(I) = -(4/5) I + 800 (c) 600 iv) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 7000 (c) 7600 v) (a) m = 4/5 (b) c(I) = (4/5) I + 0 (c) 5600
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3.I had a really important question. Attached below is 2 screenshots of the questions. i need to find the slope ...

the slope of each graph. I really need to understand this and this is urgent. Please help. Thank you so so much in advance :)
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4.A ski slope can be modelled by the equation of the tangent to the curve, S=-0.12x^2 + 12 at the ...

int where x = 30 Find the equation of the tangent line which models the ski slope.
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5.A ski slope can be modelled by the equation of the tangent to the curve s=-0.12x^2 + 12 at the ...

where x=30 Find the equation of the tangent line which models the ski slope?
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7.Different hotels in a certain area are randomly​ selected, and their ratings and prices were obtained online. Using​ technology, with ...

ned online. Using​ technology, with x representing the ratings and y representing​ price, we find that the regression equation has a slope of 130 and a​ y-intercept of negative 363. Complete parts​ (a) and​ (b) below. a. What is the equation of the regression​ line? Select the correct choice below and fill in the answer boxes to complete your choice.
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8.Must know how to use TI 84 Plus CE calculator and be able to teach that skill without wasting time, ...

or give some complimentary/bonus time while you figure it out, or figure out how to do particular things between sessions instead of during the session Current topics: understand slope and y-intercept and be able to apply it to equations written using different letters instead of m and b or instead of y and x; parallel, perpendicular line equations; calculate slope/gradient of graphs/sides of shapes/equations; calculate midpoint; calculate distance between two points on a graph; find the equation of a line given a graph or given 2 points; learn the meanings of symbols such as R for real numbers, Z for integers' calculate area of a triangle on a graph The student is in Kazakhstan and speaks Russian and Kazakh fluently, but is intermediate in English. Please speak with her in English as much as possible, but knowing Russian or Kazakh would be a good bonus that would make you preferable to other tutors all else being about the same, though familiarity with TI calculators or the ability to figure them out is also very important.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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