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Focus your lede on how people are affected you will be graded based on the following your lede must be words


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1.Focus your lede on how people are affected. You will be graded based on the following: Your lede must be 35 words ...

de must be 35 words or less and one sentence. (10 pts.) Include the who, what, when, where and possibly the why and how in a one-sentence paragraph (a nut graph, or second one-sentence paragraph, can be used to explain the why and how if needed) (10 pts.) The most important information should come in the first 10 to 12 words (10 pts.) Write in active voice (10 pts.) Attribute the information (10 pts.) Use correct AP style (-2 pts for each AP style or grammar error). Here is the information for your lede: #2 - A man was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire Saturday because he ate the wrong Easter bunny. Irvine Police said a woman was angry because Paul Carter, 62, ate her chocolate Easter bunny. The man, who is confined to a wheelchair and has cancer, was eating the bunny at the Eastern Hills Nursing Home. He was taken to the University of California Irvine Burn Center with third-degree burns, police spokesman Milton Burel said.
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