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1. If NASA launches a model rocket from the grounds of Cape Canaveral at the same time a Navy fleet shoots ...

hoots a laser beam in a straight path from a deck 14 feet above sea level off the coast of Florida, is it possible the laser beam will cross the path of the model rocket? Use a piece of graph paper to write/model equations f ( x ) to represent the path that models the rocket and g ( x ) to represents the path that models the laser beam.
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2.Decide whether each statement is true or false, and provide a short explanation (if true) or a counter-example (if false). (a) ...

er-example (if false). (a) If |f | is integrable on [a, b], then f is also integrable on [a, b]. (b) If f = F ′ for some function F on [a, b], then f is continuous on [a, b]. (c) If g is continuous on [a,b], then g = G′ for some G on [a,b]. (d) If G(x) = ???? x g is differentiable at p ∈ (a, b), then g is continuous at p.
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3.Use g = 9.8 m/s2. The diagram below is a top-down view of two children pulling a 11.8-kg sled along the ...

ng the snow. The first child exerts a force of F1 = 11 N at an angle θ1 = 45° counterclockwise from the positive x direction. The second child exerts a force of F2 = 6 N at an angle θ2 = 30° clockwise from the positive x direction. Find the magnitude (in N) and direction of the friction force acting on the sled if it moves with constant velocity. magnitude direction (counterclockwise from the +x-axis) What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the ground? What is the magnitude of the acceleration (in m/s2) of the sled if F1 is doubled and F2 is halved in magnitude?
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4.hello can you please help to solve this system of equations k == (Sqrt[y^2 - 2 y^3 - y^4 + ...

+ Sqrt[2 - 2 y] - k)/((y + 1) Sqrt[1 - y^2]), Sqrt[2]/2/m == k/(k - Sqrt[2 - 2 y]), n == Sqrt[2 - 2 Sqrt[1 - m^2]], z == Sqrt[2 - 2 y]/f == Sqrt[(zn)^2 - 2 + 2 y]/ Sqrt[n^2 - f^2], t == (Sqrt[g^2 - 2 g^3 - g^4 + 2 g + 1] + Sqrt[2 - 2 g] - t)/((g + 1) Sqrt[1 - g^2]), Sqrt[2]/2/h == t/(t - Sqrt[2 - 2 g]), q == Sqrt[2 - 2 Sqrt[1 - h^2]], l == Sqrt[2 - 2 g]/p == Sqrt[(lq)^2 - 2 + 2 g]/ Sqrt[q^2 - p^2], (z + 1) x == (l + 1) 2 x == (y + 1) Sqrt[1 - y^2]/ Sqrt[2] == Pi/4, q == m and determine true it or false thank you
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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