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Given that x x is one factor of a perfect cube what is the other factor


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1. The marketing research department for the company that manufactures and sells “notebook” computers established the following price – demand function: p(x) ...

ters established the following price – demand function: p(x) = 10 – 0,001x, where p(x) is the wholesale price in dollars at which x thousand computers can be sold. Total cost (in dollars) of producing x items is given by C(x) = 7000 + 2x. A) Find the revenue function and state its domain. B) Find the marginal revenue function. Find R´(4000) and R´(6000). Interpret the results. C) Evaluate the approximate revenue and exact revenue of producing 101-th notebook. D) Find the profit function E) Find the marginal profit function. F) Evaluate the approximate profit and exact profit of producing 101-th notebook. G) Find P´(5000) and P´(7000). Interpret the results.
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2.Write an equation of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the given line. Your ...

Your answer should be written in slope-intercept form. P(0, 0), x = −4y − 18
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3.dehydrated cobalt (ii) chloride Be sure to include subheadings (see bold text below) formulas, and units. Chemical Equation: Write a generic ...

units. Chemical Equation: Write a generic chemical equation for the dehydration of cobalt (II) chloride ∙ x hydrate (include the state symbols of the reactant and two products). [T2] Mass of Reactants and Products: a) Calculate the initial mass of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. [T1] b) Calculate the final mass of the anhydrous cobalt (II) chloride remaining in the cruiio8icible. [T1] c) Calculate the mass of water given off by the sample of hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. [T1] Moles of Products: a) Calculate the moles of anhydrous cobalt (II) chloride remaining in the crucible. [T1] b) Calculate the moles of water released from the hydrate. {T1] 4. Mole Ratio a) Create an experimental mole ratio between the b) and a). [T1] 5. Formula of Hydrate: State the chemical formula you have determined for this hydrate. Round the formula to the closest whole number value for x. [T1] Discussion/Conclusion Questions: [T6] Based on the chemical formula of the hydrate, calculate the percentage composition (percent by mass) of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. Remember to determine the percentage of each element (Co, Cl, H, and O). [T2] A possible source of systematic error in this experiment is insufficient heating. Suppose that the hydrate was not completely converted to the anhydrous form. Describe how this would affect: the calculated percent by mass of water and the experimental molecular formula (i.e. would x be higher, lower or the same). Suppose a student spilled some of the hydrated cobalt (II) chloride. Describe how this would affect the calculated percent by mass of water (would it be higher, lower or the same) and the experimental chemical formula of the hydrate. [T2]
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5.3. Given: x ∈ Q and y ∈ Q. Prove that 3x − 5y ∈ Q. You may use without proof: the ...

ference, and product of integers is an integer. 4. Given: x ∈ R. Prove: 9x 2 + 5 > 12x. At the idea stage, reduce the given inequality by setting it to 0. Then, it should be helpful to complete the square.
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6.How to solve Algebra questions that looks more like a fraction. When you are given the value of X, how ...

ow do you substitute to get your answer. How do you make X the subject of the formula
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7.1. The marginal cost of making x^th chai tea lattes is given by M(x)=20/x^2. Find the total cost accrued when ...

rued when you go from making 1 chai tea latte a day to 40 chai tea lattes a day. (Hint: relationship between marginal cost and total cost) 2. Suppose that C(x) = -0.01x + 5 represents the daily cost of heating the doughnut shop, in dollars per day, where x is time in days and x = 0 corresponds to January 1, 2020. Find the total cost of heating the shop for the first two weeks of January, and find the average cost to heat the shop each day for the first two weeks of January.
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8.The supply for a particular item is given by the function S ( x ) = 15 + 7 x . Find the producer's surplus if the equilibrium ...

producer's surplus if the equilibrium price of a unit $ 99 .A retailer anticipates selling 7600 units of its product at a uniform rate over the next year. Each time the retailer places an order for x units, it is charged a flat fee of $ 100 . Carrying costs are $ 38 per unit per year. How many times should the retailer reorder each year and what should be the lot size to minimize inventory costs? What is the minimum inventory cost? For a particular commodity, the demand function is q = 1 4 ( 400 − p 2 ) . a . Find ε when p = 8 .A hotel rents 240 rooms at a rate of $ 60 per day. For each $ 1 increase in the rate, three fewer rooms are rented. Find the room rate that maximizes daily revenue.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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