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4.1) Employees in 2012 paid 4.2% of their gross wages towards social security (FICA tax), while employers paid another 6.2%. ...

ers paid another 6.2%. How much will someone earning $34,000 a year pay towards social security out of their gross wages? 2) The population of a town increased from 3350 in 2005 to 4800 in 2010. Find the absolute and relative (percent) increase. 3)A company's sales in Seattle were $400,000 in 2012, while their sales in Portland were $295,000 for the same year. Complete the following statements: a. Seattle's sales were % larger than Portland's. b. Portland sales were % smaller than Seattle's. c. Portland sales were % of Seattle's. 4) A store has clearance items that have been marked down by 55%. They are having a sale, advertising an additional 30% off clearance items. What percent of the original price do you end up paying? 5) A friend has a 83% average before the final exam for a course. That score includes everything but the final, which counts for 15% of the course grade. What is the best course grade your friend can earn? % What is the minimum score your friend would need on the final to earn a 75% for the course? % Give answers accurate to at least one decimal place. 6) A car is driving at 50 kilometers per hour. How far, in meters, does it travel in 3 seconds? meters Give your answer to the nearest meter.
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6.I am working on an assignment and have gotten a few errors that I need assistance with. Also will review ...

view different questions for my upcoming exam after we complete the assignment.
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7.Hi! My name is Shance and I am starting college in the Fall term. I completed my A.A around 10 ...

ago but due to complication, the school is requesting I take a math course. I have two entrance exams to take, and they're timed. Was wondering if to save time, would it be possible to just get the solutions instead of having it explained to me? I have a exam that is due today around noon my time (EST), and one scheduled for tomorrow. The school is also requesting to speak to me beforehand to make sure that I understand the materials. I would also need help with that. The phone call shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Once I know that you're able to help me, I will schedule an appointment.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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