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1.Hello im looking for some help with this proof tree, im supposed to use the rules i have attached. I would ...

I would love to get a written solution. I did the other proof tree that you can see in the attaached files. So its supposed to look like that Thank You.
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2.Hello professor..I have a problem related to gravity..suppose if the gravitational force between two bodies is 5N,what does it mean? ...

bodies is 5N,what does it mean? Does it mean both bodies attract eachother by 5N force? If so, doesnt the opposite vectors ie forces cancel eachother? Can i get clarification please..
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3.hello can i ask you a question ? I currently have an 80% in my class, I have a test ...

's worth 15% of my grade. There are 30 questions. I also have my final coming up, that's worth 25% of my grade and there are 50 questions. How many do I need to get right on both tests to not pass the course with a D?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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