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1.I want help in maths quiz on 22nd November 2021. Timings: 8:30AM according to Indian Time. Duration of the quiz ...

of the quiz is 15 minutes. Topics for the quiz are: Probability Revision, Dynamic Programming, Markov Process, Markov Chain Properties, Hidden Markov Model, Undirected Graphical Method. I am trying to send all the study materials, but file size is large and it isn't allowing me to send. Please message me for further details regarding study materials so that I will share them with you and you can have a look.
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4.hI I need help with a FINITE MATH question. In a survey of high school graduates, it was found that ...

if a graduate went on to college full time, there was a 23% chance that they would work at the same time. If a graduate attended college part time, there was a 79% chance that they would work at the same time. If a high school graduate didn't go on to college, there was a 93% chance that they would work. At the time of the survey, 66% of high school graduates attended college full time and 20% of high school graduates attended college part time. If a randomly selected high school graduate worked, what is the probability that they attended college full time? Enter your answer in decimal form and round to four decimal places if necessary. You may want to look at pages 42 through 45 in the notes (videos 30 through 32). If a randomly selected high school graduate worked, probability that they attended college full time =
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6.Hello, I have a problem calculating probability for a certain thing that happened. I'll try and make it sound like ...

it sound like a math problem. The problem : What are the chances of a 4 sided die landing on 1 twice and on 2 twice out of 4 rolls. The solution I came up with originally was (2/4) x (2/4) x (2/4) x (2/4) . Which I realized was wrong as this allowed the die to land on 1 four times in a row. So then I came up with this soultion (which i still think is wrong) (2/4) x (2/4) x (1/4) x (1/4) . So the reasoning behind this is : The first roll obviously has a 50% chance to roll on either 1 or 2. Second roll is the same. BUT, lets say both of them land on 1, and now it HAS to land on 2 the remaining two times. So my problem is with the current solution that I have is what if the die lands on 1 on the first roll, then on two for the second one. then the third roll would still have a 2/4 AKA a 50% chance of landing on either one. I'm sure the last roll is 1/4 but I just dont know if the order matters on the rolls. This has been driving me crazy the last hour. Please help if you can thanks
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7.I would like some help with Business Statistics (eg: topics such as sampling, hypothesis testing, t tests, probability distributions, regression/correlation ...

tests, probability distributions, regression/correlation and categorical data analysis will all be covered) We are going to be given a variety of questions. I am having doubt in computing the correct numbers on excel. Eg: I'll be 1-2 decimal places behind. I am attaching a formula sheet.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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