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2.Hi , i need help in statistics : -Graphs and Charts -Stem and leaf Diagrams -Box and Whisker Plot -Frequency Distributions -Measure of ...

t -Frequency Distributions -Measure of Central Tendancy -Measures of Spread -Measures of Position -Regression Analysis -Probabilities I can provide the work sheet once you confirm that you comfortable with these topics . Thank you kindly .
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4.Hi i am stuck on the first question of the attached file can you help the answer should be 0.8 ...

5 degrees. Also can you draw relevant diagram with explanation thanks.
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5.Hi I am kireanna but you can call me kire I really need help with my math I am at ...

only know how to multiply small number and even that takes me a while to do and I know how to do subtraction and add but I dont know how to do division so I really need you help see you at 3:30
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6.Hi I am studying in my free time about redox/reduction reactions and electrolysis. Can you please help me understand how these ...

help me understand how these two work. I think they both worth by donating hydrogen ions. If a reduction reagent can be used in a reaction, can electrolysis always be substituted in its place because it works by the same mechanism? Also, what is the difference in properties of different reduction reagents. For example magnesium vs zinc, they are both electropositive elemental metals. So will they always react the same but just at different rates?
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7.Hi I have an online assingment that is 2 hrs long and has a 56 questions all multiple choice, I ...

your help to solve them all under 2 hrs. I can pay hourly. I have it in 4 hrs will you be available then?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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