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You are in the league of the famous  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Dr Condoleeza Rice, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Justin Bieber and many more. To a homeschooler, the world is a classroom and you are learning so much every day without being pressurized by the volume of homework dictated by schools. We at TutorEye are your study partner whenever your learning need strikes. Our interactive whiteboard is always available for you to tackle any problem of your choice with the online tutor of your selection. Yay! We even have special subscription plans for homeschoolers with a Money Refund policy.
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Why Homeschool with Online

Choosing to homeschool your kid with an online tutor is a wise decision as one size does not fit to all. Online tutoring allows the flexibility to homeschoolers to design their own curriculum and facilitates active learning. Allow your child to dive deep into a subject without waiting for your child to be dictated by right age and grade.

How Online Tutoring benefits a Homeschooler?

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is beneficial to a homeschooler because it is more student-friendly!

Online Learning

Online Learning allows a homeschooler to grow at their own pace.

24/7 availability

24/7 availability of online subject experts allows much-needed flexibility to student learning at home

Optimal learning

Optimal learning happens in the comfort of home with a tutor of homeschooler's choice along with the guidance of a parent.

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Homeschooling with online tutoring is the need of the hour as traditional learning is now a thing of the past. Online learning pays a lot of emphasis on 'imagination' allowing homeschooler to get creative while having recreational breaks. Unlike a school's tailor-made prospectus and a strictly designed curriculum, online tutoring for a homeschooler is like a 'UberEats' where you can choose the food of your choice.

Affordable homeschooling service is just a click away!

Choosing to homeschool your child is a big decision. At TutorEye, we make online homeschooling simple for you. From K-12 to college, we help students avail the right to get an education at home. Get 24/7 help from trusted academic experts and allow our tutors to make learning accessible and engaging. Allow your child the flexibility to explore the subjects of their choice and enjoy the benefits of personalized learning.

Take charge of your child’s learning and educate them from the comfort of your home. Enroll with us and together we can make this journey eventful and exciting for your child. Whether your decision to homeschool stems from personal beliefs or lifestyle factors, we have academicians to support you every step of the way. Even if you are looking to supplement your child’s traditional learning, we are here to help.

Today, parents are increasingly looking for ways to instill innovative thinking and other practical skills. A homeschooling program allows them to do so. By choosing to teach kids at home, you are refusing the rote memorization technique followed by schools, as it does not work best for all the children. Meet our talented pool of professional tutors who are here to help you with every Science, Math, and English problem. Enjoy the benefits of home-based education and get expert tips from certified tutors.

TutorEye Homeschool Tutoring Services

Homeschooling is the need of the hour as many parents prefer to teach at home. Online learning pays a lot of emphasis on 'imagination' allowing homeschoolers to get creative while having recreational breaks. Unlike a school's tailor-made prospectus and a strictly designed curriculum, our online homeschooling classes are the best as they allow you to choose what you want to learn, or if you are a parent, what you deem best for your child.

Each child has a unique pace of learning and a different way of grasping concepts. At TutorEye, we provide quality teach-at-home services at affordable prices. We believe that parents are the most important stakeholders in the child's progress. Furthermore, we care for your child's education and make learning personalized. Our homeschooling services are designed to motivate your child to excel in studies.

With 24/7 round the clock availability, a professional tutor makes the homeschool classes- engaging and interactive. We keep the study schedule flexible and bring the lesson home, providing full academic support to the students whenever they need it. You can pick a topic and we will go from there. You can rely on our expert online tutors, rest assured you will get subject help on time. So even if you are a busy parent who is constantly traveling or is occupied by the office or household chores, we are your answer. We provide quality online tutoring with the best online subject experts and that too by giving more power to you in deciding your child's path of learning.

Choose Live Study to make the most of online homeschool classes

For families choosing homeschool programs, taking online classes via Live Study sessions is a great option. You can discuss your specific requirements, deliberate on the curriculum with an expert, and get started on a digital whiteboard. Let our professional tutors help you in deciding the coursework, help you with assignments and quizzes. Allow your child the flexibility to learn at home while benefiting from learning on an accredited platform like TutorEye.

You can overcome logistical problems like travel and other lifestyle commitments by enrolling with us. We simply bring the lesson home. You can schedule a class or opt for instant tutoring, we have a subject-expert to help you and your child. With round the clock tutoring access, we ensure that a student enjoys the process of learning. We make learning from home an enriching experience. Our tutors have years of experience and can help your child build a solid foundation in Math and Science.

Our digital whiteboard is a great tool for you to upload textbooks, share questions, and take mock tests. For your child to excel, he/she needs to master the basics of each subject. You can count on our tutors to help your child achieve academic success. You can access the recorded live study sessions to revise key concepts. Let your child reap the benefits of personalized learning from a subject specialist. What’s more, you can be a part of the process too! On our platform, you can communicate with your child’s tutors to regularly review the academic progress. Get an update on your child’s learning achievement by interacting with their tutor.

Try Written Help to avail affordable homeschooling online services

Do you need help with giving your child homework? Connect with our online expert to make learning at home easy. If you need help with grading your child’s assignment, you can consult with our professional tutors.

Our homeschooling online services are affordable and our subscription packages are pocket-friendly. Get a step-by-step explanation of a problem that you have been stuck on. Decide your budget, select a tutor, and get the solution or your work reviewed by a professional. Written help is designed to make the process of teaching at home as simple and straightforward for you. Make the most of the answer keys and solutions from experts to drive the lesson home. What’s more, we can help you provide answers to the textbook questions that you were grappling with late at night. Chat with our experts to know what project ideas you can work on.

Whether it’s early morning or late at night, we can accommodate flexible schedules. You can also get a framework for the project work listed in the textbook. Our experts are here for you 24/7.

Best homeschooling services online from seasoned tutors

Our homeschooler’s needs are our top priority. Therefore, we provide the best homeschooling services, helping your child to upgrade the knowledge and skills.

We are invested in your child’s academic progress and our tutors take a keen interest in clarifying doubts. Our tutors take time in analyzing gaps in your child’s understanding and help them master the fundamentals. At TutorEye, help your child upgrade their learning skills and get answers to the questions that homeschoolers ask. We share your commitment to seeing your child excel in studies so you can rely on us to pay attention to all the details and requirements. Whether your child needs help with elementary or high school classes, we are here to meet your every need.

Choose to homeschool with us and avail the following services:

  • Get guidance, instruction, and support from experts

  • Certified tutor to evaluate the work of students

  • Active participation in a child’s daily learning activities

  • Recorded LIVE study sessions

  • Written help for assignments

  • Round the clock availability

  • Certified tutors for K-12 to college level

We encourage parents to decide the specific needs and goals for their children. Not every child thrives in the classroom and we recognize the need for a flexible curriculum. We co-create the syllabus with you and recognize your need to be actively involved in your child’s learning progress.

Furthermore, tutors are here to inspire, support, and help your child feel motivated throughout this journey. Our child-directed learning services help parents to identify the difficulties and respond to meet the homeschooling challenges. Whether you are going through a difficult patch or simply have a rough day, you can allow us to shoulder your responsibility to teach your child. Our tutors have unlocked the difficulties of students and continue to rise to the challenge of making learning fun and interactive.

Upgrade your homeschooler’s needs with TutorEye

Parents can choose to educate their children at home and be involved in their learning. What’s more, you can enroll yourself on our online tutoring platform and upgrade your knowledge along with your child. One-on-one homeschooling with a tutor of your choice is ideal and enhances parent-child relationships.

According to the National Education Research Center, homeschooled kids achieve more academically and score higher in SATs and ACTs. The study also states that home-educated children score 15-30 percentiles higher on standardized achievement tests. So get ready to homeschool all the way! At TutorEye, we respect your choice of home-based education and the need to impart your beliefs, values, and worldview to the children. Besides research supports the fact that homeschool kids are by far more focused, self-motivated, and disciplined as far as kids go. Let us help them unlock their learning potential no matter what grade they are currently in.

In fact, many parents choose to homeschool to protect their child from bullying and negative peer pressure, it’s great to have a reliable platform to depend upon. Choosing online homeschooling is a great option for your kid as you can monitor the progress all along. You and your child get a chance to bond and as a parent, you will remain an instrumental part of your child’s formative years. Join TutorEye and let us make this learning journey priceless for you.


What is the best homeschooling website

TutorEye is one of the best websites offering tutoring services to those who are homeschooling online. Both parents and homeschoolers can seek assistance from the top experts who have years of teaching experience. Moreover, tutors are available 24/7 and the platform caters to K-12 to the college students. You can find experts here who can accommodate your schedule and you get a chance to learn at your pace.

Is homeschooling really worth it?

Well, it depends on the parent and the child and for them to figure out if homeschooling online is something they would like to consider. It’s worth it if you can make your child’s home education engaging, experiential and fun. According to studies, homeschool students score above average on achievement tests. So get the right help for your homeschooler early on and reap the benefits.

Can homeschooling be done online?

Yes, you can educate your child at home. In fact there are many affordable homeschooling online options available for the kids today.Approximately 2 million children in the United States were homeschooled in 2016 itself! There is no dearth of online homeschooling resources and curricula today. You can choose the model that you like and that fits you the best.

Can you homeschool 3 days a week?

Ofcourse, you can homeschool 3 days a week. For some families the 3 days a week option for home education works the best, giving them another four days to work on other things. You can work on core lessons for three solid days and work on foundational skills. Besides, you can always try homeschooling online and brush up on concepts and work on a schedule that’s easy for you to accommodate.

White Paper

Find out the history of homeschooling, demographics, parental motivation, academic achievement,         and transition to college, in this white paper on this phenomenon.

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We are your study partners and we let you choose the pace of your learning. Students are not bombarded with homework tasks.


24/7 availability of subject experts makes learning easy and a fun ride.


Interactive Whiteboard tool brings the classroom to you.


Special subscription packages for homeschoolers at pocket-friendly prices!

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