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You are in the league of the famous  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Dr Condoleeza Rice, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Justin Bieber and many more. To a homeschooler, the world is a classroom and you are learning so much every day without being pressurized by the volume of homework dictated by schools. We at TutorEye are your study partner whenever your learning need strikes. Our interactive whiteboard is always available for you to tackle any problem of your choice with the online tutor of your selection. Yay! We even have special subscription plans for homeschoolers with a Money Refund policy.
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Why Homeschool with Online

Choosing to homeschool your kid with an online tutor is a wise decision as one size does not fit to all. Online tutoring allows the flexibility to homeschoolers to design their own curriculum and facilitates active learning. Allow your child to dive deep into a subject without waiting for your child to be dictated by right age and grade.

How Online Tutoring benefits a Homeschooler?

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is beneficial to a homeschooler because it is more student-friendly!

Online Learning

Online Learning allows a homeschooler to grow at their own pace.

24/7 availability

24/7 availability of online subject experts allows much-needed flexibility to student learning at home

Optimal learning

Optimal learning happens in the comfort of home with a tutor of homeschooler's choice along with the guidance of a parent.

Homeschooling with online tutoring is the need of the hour as traditional learning is now a thing of the past. Online learning pays a lot of emphasis on 'imagination' allowing homeschooler to get creative while having recreational breaks. Unlike a school's tailor-made prospectus and a strictly designed curriculum, online tutoring for a homeschooler is like a 'UberEats' where you can choose the food of your choice.

TutorEye Homeschool Tutoring Services

Each child has a unique pace of learning and a different way of grasping concepts.
TutorEye is a highly trusted online tutoring platform that provides quality tutoring at pocket-friendly prices. We believe that parents are the most important stakeholders in the child's progress. At TutorEye we care for your child's study needs and make learning a personal experience. With 24/7 round the clock availability, our highly reputed tutors make online learning engaging and interactive. We keep the study schedule flexible and bring the lesson home, providing full academic support to the students whenever they need.

With our expert online tutors, you can rest assured to get subject help on time. TutorEye can UpGRADE your level of study so no student is left behind. So even if you are a busy parent who is constantly travelling or is occupied by the office or household chores, we are your answer. We provide quality online tutoring with the best online subject experts and that too by giving more power to you in deciding your child's path of learning.

White Paper

Find out the history of homeschooling, demographics, parental motivation, academic achievement, and transition to college, in this white paper on this phenomenon.

Benefits of Homeschooling


We are your study partners and we let you choose the pace of your learning. Students are not bombarded with homework tasks.


24/7 availability of subject experts makes learning easy and a fun ride.


Interactive Whiteboard tool brings the classroom to you.


Special subscription packages for homeschoolers at pocket-friendly prices!

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