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Inequalities Sample Questions

Question 1: Find the absolute value of 5.

Answer:  5

Explanation:  Use absolute rules.


Question 2: What is the value of ?

Answer:  8

Explanation:  Use absolute rules.


Question 3: What is ?

Answer:  64.3

Explanation:  Use absolute rules.


Question 4: Simplify .


Explanation:  Apply the formula of absolute rule.


Question 5: Simplify .

Answer:  6

Explanation:  Combine the numbers.


Question 6: Simplify .

Answer:  5

Explanation:  Multiply the numbers.


Question 7: Simplify .

Answer:  5

Explanation:  Multiply the numbers..


Question 8: What is the value of ?

Answer:  25

Explanation:  Apply the absolute rule.


Question 9: Fill the correct inequality: 

Answer:  <

Explanation:  Simplify the absolute value.


Question 10: Fill the correct inequality: 

Answer:  >

Explanation:  Simplify the absolute value.

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