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Android Programming: 


Android is an operating system made for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This open source linux based operating system was developed by Open Handset Alliance which was led by Google. Android apps can be created using Java, Kotlin and C++ programming languages.



Android Programming Sample Questions:



Question 1: Which of the following Android Library is the building block of the application user interface?


A) android.os 

B) android.text 

C) android.view 



Answer: android.view 

Explanation: android.os provides operating system services like system services and inter process communication. 



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Question 2: Which of the following is a Java Virtual Machine which is specially designed for android? 


A) Satvik Virtual Machine 

B) Dalvik Virtual Machine 

C) Mika Virtual Machine 

D) None of these

Answer: Dalvik Virtual Machine 

Explanation: There is no Java Virtual Machine



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Question 3: Which of the following components is responsible for handling background processing which is associated with the android application?


A) Activities

B) Services 

C) Broadcast Receivers 

D) Content Providers 

Answer: Services 

Explanation: Activities are responsible for guiding the user interaction.



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Question 4:  Which of the following components represents a portion of the user interface?


A) Fragments 

B) Views 

C) Intents 

D) None of these 

Answer: Fragments 

Explanation: Fragments are responsible for representing a portion of the user interface in an activity.



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Question 5: Which directory contains the files that define the interface of the app?


A) res/values

B) res/layout

C) res/drawable-hdpi

D) None of these


Answer: res/layout

Explanation: res/values contains XML files which contain a number of resources.



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Question 6: System calls which method after disconnection of all the clients from a particular interface published by the service?

A) onDestroy()

B) onUnbind()

C) onRebind()

D) None of these

Answer: onUnbind()

Explanation: onDestroy() method is called by the system when service is n longer used.



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Question 7: Which system event indicates the condition of low battery on the device?


A) android.intent.action.BATTERY_LOW

B) android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED

C) android.intent.action.BATTERY_OKAY

D) None of these 


Answer: android.intent.action.BATTERY_LOW

Explanation: android.intent.action.BATTERY_LOW indicates low battery on the device.



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Question 8: To which method intent object is passed to launch new activity?


A) Context.startActivity()

B) Context.startService()

C) Context.sendBroadcast()

D) None of these


Answer: Context.startActivity()

Explanation: Context.startActivity() takes an intent object to launch new activity.



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Question 9: Which view group displays a list of scrollable items?


A) List View

B) Grid View

C) Relative layout

D) None of these

Answer: List View

Explanation: List view displays a list of scrollable items.



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Question 10: Which event listener is called when the user clicks on a button, text or image?


A) onClick()

B) onFocusChange()

C) onMenuItemClick() 

D) None of these


Answer: onClick()

Explanation: onClick() is called when the user clicks on a button, text or image.


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