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5.In this problem and the next one, we’re going to make a very simple spam checker program by just looking ...

ooking at how likely a given email is to be spam based on the words it contains. In particular, in this problem we’re going to count how often words are present in spam emails within some set of training data (which here means a set of emails that have already been marked as spam or not spam manually). We have already started to write a function spam_score(spam_file, not_file, word), which takes in two filenames, along with a target word (a lowercase string). Both filenames refer to text files which must be in the same directory as (we’ve provided several such files in The text files contain one email per line (really just the subject line to keep things simple) - you can assume that these emails will be a series of words separated by spaces with no punctuation. The first file contains emails that have been identified as spam, the second contains emails that have been identified as not spam. Since you haven’t learned File I/O yet, we’ve provided code that opens the two files and puts the data into two lists of strings (where each element is one line - that is, one email). You then must complete the function, so that it returns the spam score for the target word. The spam score is an integer representing the total number of times the target word occurs across all the spam emails, minus the total number of times the word occurs in not-spam emails. Convert all words to lowercase before counting, to ensure capitalization does not throw off the count.
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Cloud Computing: 


Cloud Computing is only demand delivery or availability of computing services especially data storage and computing power without user’s direct active management. Functionality of large clouds are distributed over multiple locations, each location being a data center.  



Cloud Computing Sample Questions:



Question 1: Which of the following is not a cloud computing service?


A) IaaS

B) PaaS

C) SaaS

D) All of the above 


Answer: All of the above 

Explanation: IaaS: Infrastructure as a service.
PaaS: Platform as a service.
SaaS: Software as a service.



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Question 2: Which one of the following is a non functional requirement of cloud computing?


A) Quality of Service

B) Service Development

C) Technical Service

D) None of these 

Answer: Quality of Service

Explanation: Few examples of non functional requirements of Cloud Comuting are:
Quality of Service
Disaster Recovery



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Question 3: Cloud computing planning has many phases?


A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Answer: 3

Explanation: There are three phases involved in Cloud Computing planning:
Strategy Phase 
Planning Phase 
Development Phase 



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Question 4: Architecture of Cloud can be broadly divided into how many parts?


A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Answer: 2

Explanation: Architecture of Cloud can be broadly divided into following 2 parts:



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Question 5: Which of the following technologies of cloud computing platforms works behind it?



B) Virtualization

C) Grid Computing

D) All of these


Answer: All of these

Explanation: There are various technologies of cloud computing which works behind it and provide various features like:



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Question 6: Which program is responsible for providing abstraction and partitioning?


A) Hardware Hypervisor 

B) Virtualization Hypervisor 

C) Software Hypervisor

D) None of these 

Answer: Virtualization Hypervisor 

Explanation: Virtualization Hypervisor is responsible for providing abstraction and partitioning.



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Question 7: Which of the following is Open Standard Protocol?





D) None of these


Answer: SIMPLE

Explanation: SIMPLE (Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions) is Open Standard Protocol. It is managed by the Internet Engineering Task Force.


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Question 8: Which feature enables you to capture all the possible transactions and optimise your system?


A) Scalability 

B) Elasticity

C) Reliability

D) None of these


Answer: Elasticity

Explanation: Elasticity provides us the ability of right sizing the resources as required.


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Question 9: What does CaaS mean?

A) Computer as a service

B) Compliance as a service

C) Communication as a service

D) None of these

Answer: Communication as a service

Explanation: Communication as a service gives clients the access to the resources like VPN, VoIP and Enterprise Level PBX without the expense of purchasing. Hosting and maintaining the infrastructure. 


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Question 10: Isolated environment provided to each customer individually by IaaS by using?


A) Hypervisor 

B) Virtual Machine Sprawls 

C) Renting 

D) None of these


Answer: Hypervisor 

Explanation: Isolated environment provided to each customer individually by IaaS through Hypervisor.


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