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It is a presentation program. It provides everything that is needed to create a presentation that looks professional. It provides various tools that are easy to use and learn, like drawing, outlining, graphing, etc.



PPT Sample Questions:



Question 1: When you open the slide layout, which of the following options is not available?


A) Charts

B) Lists

C) Titles

D) Animations


Answer: Animations

Explanation: Following are the options that are available when you open the slide layout:
Placeholder Boxes 



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Question 2: Who is responsible for controlling all the main slide control tasks?


A) Task Bar

B) Task Pane

C) Control Panel

D) None of these

Answer: Task Pane

Explanation: The rectangular window which is docked on the right side of the PowerPoint window is Task Pane. It acts as an open menu and lets the user select from a variety of functions and commands.



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Question 3: Task Pane does not contain which of the following pane?


A) Clip Art

B) Word Art

C) Search Results

D) None of these

Answer: Work Art

Explanation: Task Pane does not contain Word Art. It is available in Insert option.



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Question 4: Which of the following is a valid way to create a new presentation?


A) By design template 

B) From existing presentation

C) Both of these

D) None of these

Answer: Both of these

Explanation: Few valid ways to create a new presentation are:
By design template 
From existing presentation
Blank presentation 



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Question 5: How many default text layouts are available in the slide layout panel?


A) 1

B) 2

C) 6

D) None of these


Answer: None of these

Explanation: In MS PowerPont 2003 and earlier there were 4 layouts available by default.
In MS PowerPont 2007 and later there were 9 layouts available by default.



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Question 6: Motion effect can be applied to a slide or an object using which feature in PowerPoint?


A) Animation Objects 

B) Animation Scheme

C) Slide Design

D) None of these

Answer: Animation Scheme

Explanation: Animation Scheme is a collection of animation effects that can be applied to slide objects and a predefined slide transition.



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Question 7: Slide design and Slide layout can be found under which menu?


A) Format Menu

B) Insert Menu

C) Tools Menu

D) None of these


Answer: Format Menu

Explanation: Slide design and Slide layout can be found under Format Menu.



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Question 8: How many steps are involved from start to finish in AutoContent Wizard?


A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) None of these


Answer: 3

Explanation: Following 3 steps are involved from start to finish in AutoContent Wizard:
Presentation Type
Presentation Style
Presentation Options



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Question 9: Which of the following is the valid shortcut for adding a new slide?


A) Ctrl + S

B) Ctrl + N

C) Ctrl + M

D) None of these

Answer: Ctrl + M

Explanation: Ctrl + S (Save the presentation)
Ctrl + M (Add new slide)
Ctrl + N (Open new presentation)



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Question 10: How can we add hyperlinks in the PowerPoint slides?


A) Insert -> Hyperlink

B) Ctrl + K

C) Hyperlinks cannot be inserted 

D) Both A and B


Answer: Both A and B

Explanation: Two ways of adding hyperlinks in PowerPoint slides are following:
Insert -> Hyperlink
Ctrl + K


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