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Programming In Assembly Language: 


It is a low level programming language which is used in computers and other programmable devices specific to particular computer hardware. Utility program called assembler is responsible for converting assembly code into executable machine code.



Programming In Assembly Language Sample Questions:



Question 1: Which of the following are advantages of assembly language?


A) Memory required and execution time is less

B) It handles hardware specific complex jobs easily

C) It is a great choice for time crucial jobs 

D) All of the above 


Answer: All of the above 

Explanation: Assembly language requires less memory and takes less time for execution as it is a low level language and closer to the machine language.



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Question 2: MOV and ADD instructions are called?


A) Operators 

B) Commands

C) OP-Code

D) None of these

Answer: OP-Code

Explanation: OP-Code is the portion which specifies which operation needs to be performed.



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Question 3: Object code is stored by assembler in?


A) Cache

B) Main Memory

C) Secondary Memory

D) None of these

Answer: None of these

Explanation: When the object code is compiled, the Magnetic



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Question 4: Which utility program is responsible for bringing the object code into memory for execution?


A) Loader

B) Fetcher 

C) Linker

D) None of these

Answer: Loader

Explanation: Loader is the utility program



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Question 5: All the names and the corresponding values are stored by assembler in?


A) Value map set

B) Symbol table 

C) Special purpose register 

D) None of these


Answer: Symbol table 

Explanation: All the names and the corresponding



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Question 6: Which of the following should be the last statement of the source program? 

A) Stop

B) End 

C) Return 

D) None of these

Answer: End

Explanation: End should be the last statement



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Question 7: End of the execution of the program is specified by which directive?


A) End

B) Return

C) Stop

D) None of these


Answer: Return

Explanation: Return directive is responsible for termination



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Question 8: Which directive is used for specifying and assigning the memory required for the block of code?


A) Reserve 

B) Assign

C) Set

D) None of these


Answer: Reserve 

Explanation: Reserve directive is responsible



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Question 9: What does machine language instruction consist of?


A) Operand field

B) Operation code field 

C) Both of these

D) None of these

Answer: Both of these

Explanation: Machine language instruction consists



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Question 10: What is used for writing assembly language programs?


A) Hex code

B) Octal code  

C) ASCII code 

D) None of these


Answer: None of these

Explanation: Mnemonics is used


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