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Programming In .Net: 


.Net is a framework, designed and developed by Microsoft which is helpful in developing software applications for web, windows and phone. It is equipped with a large class library which is known as Framework class library and provides interoperability across several programming languages. 



Programming In .Net Sample Questions:



Question 1: Which of the following jobs can be done by the garbage collector?


A) Closing unclosed files

B) Freeing memory of the stack 

C) Both of these

D) None of these


Answer: None of these 

Explanation: Garbage collector can perform following jobs: 



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Question 2: What does boxing allows users to convert in .net?


A) value type to reference type

B) reference type to value type 

C) Both of  these

D) None of these

Answer: value type to reference type 

Explanation: Boxing is used for storing type value inside the garbage collected heap.



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Question 3: Global assembly cache can store which of the following cache?


A) Private assemblies

B) Public assemblies

C) Friend assemblies

D) None of these

Answer: None of these

Explanation: Global assembly can store shared assemblies.



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Question 4: Which of the following is .net type hierarchy root?


A) System.Base

B) System.Root

C) System.Object

D) None of these

Answer: System.Object

Explanation: System.Object is the root of



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Question 5: Common Language Runtime is targeted by which code?


A) Managed Code

B) Unmanaged Code

C) Native Code 

D) Distributed Code 


Answer: Managed Code

Explanation: Managed Code is executed by



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Question 6: Which of the following security features are provided by the .net application?


A) Pin Security

B) Authentication Security

C) Biorhythm Security

D) None of these 

Answer: None of these 

Explanation: Following security features are provided by the .net application



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Question 7: Data across users can be maintained by which object?


A) Application Object 

B) Server Object

C) Response Object

D) None of these


Answer: Application Object 

Explanation: Data across users can be maintained using Application Object.



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Question 8: Name the method which is fired first when a page is loaded?


A) Init()

B) Unload()

C) Load()

D) None of these


Answer: Init()

Explanation: Init() is the first method which



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Question 9: How many different types of cache dependencies are there in ASP.NET? 


A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

D) None of these

Answer: 5

Explanation: There are 5 cache dependencies that are available in ASP.NET.



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Question 10: How many caching locations are there in ASP.NET?


A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) None of these


Answer: 4

Explanation: There are a total of 4 caching locations in ASP.NET.


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