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6.1. Choose some var columns as features. Explain why you choose those columns. It can be common sense, or statistics. 2. ...

, or statistics. 2. Be careful with those missing data. They can be empty string, -1, -98, -99, etc. You will need to check the data and var dictionary to make your best judgement. 2. Use those selected columns to predict the "loan_default" column. You will try 3 machine learning algorithms * Logistic regression * KNN * Naive Bayes Classifier 3. For each algorithm, you should select features and fit the model, then predict and evaluate. 4. Try different techniques to improve the model score. You can choose different columns, transform data and normalize data. Show your improvements.
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7.#include #include int main (int argc, char* argv[]) { //Read Value from command line arguments ...

om command line arguments int N = atoi(argv[1]); int i; //Loop from 0 to N for (i= 0; i <= N; ++i) printf("%d ", i); //printing new line printf('\n'); return 0; }
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Core Computer Science topics


Data Mining

Data mining is essentially the process of going through a large amount of database to analyze and produce useful inferences. For example: Observing customer’s buying patterns, forecast risks for insurance companies, etc.



SQL or the Structured Query Language is a computer language that is used to deal with the data in RDBMS or the Relational Database Management System. With the help of SQL, you can work with the data in multiple ways like retrieving them, creating new data, altering or updating them, deleting them, etc. It is the most commonly used database language and has been recognized by the ISO and ANSI.


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software or app by the Microsoft Corporation that helps to record data systematically and use it for analysis. It has rows and columns where one can record numerical data, text and use form



PPT is a file extension for a PowerPoint Presentation but is often used as an abbreviation for the latter. A PowerPoint Presentation is a software that allows the user to share text, pictures, and videos in a sequential format on a computer screen.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the process of storing, using, and accessing data through the internet, without the need for storing them on a physical device. It helps the user to access a huge amount of data from anywhere in the world through an internet-enabled device and save it from getting lost due to accidents etc.

Data Analysis in Python and R

Data analysis refers to the usage of collected data for making inferences and decisions for business and non-business purposes. Python and R are two common programming languages that are used for data analysis of various kinds. You can choose Python for analysis that requires you to integrate the analysis with the production database or a web application in software development. R on the other hand is suitable for standalone data analysis.



Java is a popular programming language and it is mainly used for developing mobile and computer applications. It is a free open-source platform that is object-oriented and class-based. It is modeled upon the programming language C++, but has simpler syntax and can run on all platforms which makes it popular. It has a working principle of WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere).


J2EE or Java 2 for Enterprise Edition is a Java environment that is standalone and is used to develop web-based applications. It is free and uses HTML pages or specific applets to do this.


Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language. It can be used for web development, data analysis, complex mathematical calculations, etc. Its syntax is similar to English and it can run on almost all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Pi, etc.

C Programming

C Programming or programming with the language C refers to a structured and high-level computer language that can be used for general-purpose programming. It is a base language that can be used to learn several other programming languages. Its applications are mostly in systems programming for operating systems.

Operating System

An Operating System is a software that controls the hardware it is installed on as well and provides the environment for various functions such as the internet, memory, file sharing, and networking, security, etc. Every computer or smartphone device needs an operating system to run. The most common operating systems are Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is providing various computer-related services via the internet on an on-demand basis. Common services include storage, networking, software, and artificial intelligence. This allows the user to have greater flexibility to use these resources from anywhere in the world without carrying or owning hardware and software systems. For example, smartphones save pictures, videos, contact lists as cloud backup via Gmail.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that deals with computers observing data, algorithms, and computer usage to identify patterns and develop useful models. This involves minimal human intervention to train the computer system. Common examples are: showing an internet user advertisement for the product that the user was searching for; show banks the chances of fraudulent transactions in an account, etc.

Cyber Laws and Security

There is an increasing number of crimes on the internet. They are of various kinds like bullying someone online, copyright issues, scamming someone for money, online identity theft, protection of confidential information of national interest, etc. Besides, there is the chance of information loss due to malware and viruses. Cyber laws and security deal with these issues and regulate them. These laws are separate and specific in each country and governed by their own body.

Google Apps for Education

Google has launched a suite of cloud-based services that enable schools to teach computer fundamentals to their students. The list of apps includes Gmail, Drive, Forms, Docs, Calendar, and more. With the help of these apps, the students can learn, collaborate with fellow students, connect with teachers and submit their answers.


Microsoft SQL 2012

Microsoft SQL 2012 is a Relational Database Management System that aids the working of SQL by providing various extensions. Extensions and functionalities that are exclusive to the 2012 version of Microsoft SQL include PowerView, ColumnStore indexes, Distributed Replay, etc

Basics of Android

Android is the Operating System that is commercially sponsored by Google and is the most common OS currently in use in smartphones and tablets across the world. Most of the data in a smartphone gets saved in the cloud with the help of the registered Gmail id given in the device.


HTML5 is the 5th and the latest version of HTML, which is a markup language that is used in the World Wide Web to present the content of a webpage in a structured manner. This version is notable for its benefits like better semantics, removing the need for a 3rd party plugin to add a video file, and being generally more user-friendly with mobile devices and slow internet.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language that is concerned with describing how a webpage in a markup language looks. It covers the format, color, and layout of the webpage and manages how the appearance would be in different screen sizes.


JSP or Java Server Pages is a technology that uses Java coding to make HTML and XML web pages more dynamic. It makes the use of JSP tags to connect the webpages to the Java backend.


JavaScript is a popular programming language that allows the user to interact with a web page and updates the information or graphics shared on a webpage without the need to refresh it. It makes the webpage more dynamic. For example, you can find many suggestions in your Google search bar when you start typing the initial letters.


JQuery is a light-weight JavaScript library that makes operating programs on HTML easy and fast. It has a simple API and it reduces the need for coding. Its motto is to “Write Less, Do More.”


AngularJS is a framework of JavaScript that uses the architecture based on  Model-View-Controller. It binds JavaScript and HTML and makes communication between them simpler in the browser to operate dynamic web pages.

IBM WebSphere Application

IBM WebSphere Application is a middleware enterprise software developed and promoted by IBM. It provides a user with the framework to integrate different applications


Fundamental of computer science

To know the fundamentals of computer science, the focus has to be on the programming skills. For this one needs work on the following:


Programming skills
Operating systems
Computer organization
Algorithms and data structures
Programming languages
Problem solving techniques


This will help in developing strong programming skills.


Compilers and operating systems

Compiler is a program that results in object code after converting it as an input after taking it from source code. While the compilation process occurs the source code undergoes lexical analysis, intermediate code generation and also parsing, which is later on optimized to give object code as final output. Basically, it converts a programming language code to a machine-readable format.


OS or Operating System is a program that acts as an interface between computer hardware and computer users.  As a software all basic functions like management of files, process management, memory management and controlling peripheral devices like printers etc. are carried out. For instance: Windows operating system, LINUX operating system etc are good examples.

Information Theory

Information Theory can be defined as a scientific study of communication of information. One also needs to know how storage and quantification of information happens. It has greatly contributed to AI and deep learning.

Basic programming

BASIC or  (Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is simply based on ease of use. It is a high level language that enables the user to access simpler and consolidated data. Also, it is very useful for beginners as it lays emphasis on symbols.

Systems and architecture

In the world of computer science, the system architecture is structural design of systems. Also, in most cases it falls in the realm of Computer Engineering.

Software development and testing

The entire process of creating a software for end users keeping the requirements in mind is called software development. On the other hand “testing” is a phase where program execution takes place to find if there is a bug or problem.

Web applications and databases

Web applications run on a web server (with an active network) and are accessed through a web browser by a user. It is a form of application software. 

On the other hand, a repository of information that can be accessed fast and ensures integrity of data is called a database.

Computer design

Computer design is usually used to determine what hardware can be used and how each part should be connected overall. It is viewing the design from the perspective of the user.


Mathematical Foundations

Mathematical foundations are also known as foundations of math which is basically just the study of algorithmic, logical and/ or philosophical basis of mathematics. It is helpful for those who want to teach math to students with disabilities.

Computer Architecture And Computer Graphics

A set of rules and methods that can be used to describe the organization, functionality and implementation of computer systems is known as computer architecture. 
Computer graphics can be understood as a component of computer science which comprises creating and manipulating visual content.

Concurrent, Parallel And Distributed Systems

Concurrent programming / system incorporates arbitrary and dynamic patterns of interaction and communication.
Parallel computing / programming incorporates calculations / execution of processes that are carried out simultaneously.
Distributed programming / computing is to deal with nodes located at various locations on a network that communicate with one another and co-ordinate each one of their actions by passing across messages.

Computing, Computer Networks

Computing can be understood as an activity that is highly goal-oriented and requires the use and operations of computers.
A computer network comprises several nodes / computers connected with one another following a common set of communication protocols for the purpose of sharing resources and information.

Algorithms And Computational Complexity

An algorithm is both mathematical and digital in nature. It is basically a sequence of well-defined and implementable instructions that are used to solve problems and perform other different operations.
Computation complexity is defined by the amount and intensity of resources required to run a particular algorithm.

Models Of Computation, Computability And Decidability

Any particular model of computation specifically describes how a mathematical function is performed / computed to result in an output given a specific input.
Computability is the efficiency / proficiency / ability of a system to solve a problem in an efficient manner.
Decidability is the property of a problem corresponding to which an algorithm can be developed to solve it completely and correctly.

Design Of Computers And Operating Systems

Design of computers / computer designing concerns itself with the hardware designing of a computer system and its behavior and structure as experienced by the end-user.
An operating system is basically an interface that makes the hardware of a computer operational. It is a set of commands, software and interfaces that the human user interacts with.

Information Storage And Retrieval From Databases To Hypertext

Information storage and retrieval basically deals with representation, storage and access to information / data / documents. Information retrieval from database to hypertext is when that information is defined in non-linear / non-sequential text which is primarily an organized representation of that data.

Computer Networks And Security

A computer network is basically a network of nodes / computers / systems that follow a common set of communication protocols and information sharing.
Computer security is also known as cyber security which protects the integrity of the computers / network.



Other Core Computer Science Homework Topics


Screen Readers

Programming in C, C++

Programming In Java

Internet Programming

Android Programming

Programming In Python

iOS Programming

Programming In Assembly Language

Programming In .Net

Html Programming

C Sharp Programming



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Frequently Asked Questions for Computer Science



Is computer science hard?


Well, that depends on your interest and acumen. You may find it hard or not difficult at all.


Generally, Computer Science is regarded as a tough subject and it may be difficult for some students. Many students find it complex and challenging at times often encountering difficulties when trying to learn this subject. 


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How can I improve my computer science grades?


To master a subject like Computer Science, you should be determined and patient. Take your time to understand the applications and have a methodical approach towards questions.


If you start from scratch you should take out time to understand the basics and build the necessary foundation in the subject. Consult with experts at TutorEye when you are stumped and get programming help whenever you need it. 


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What are the benefits of studying Computer Science?


In a world driven by computers, computing is a part of everything we do! Besides, you can pursue a lot of lucrative careers if you choose this discipline. 


Not only can you solve challenging and complex problems but also provide solutions to a lot of business, social problems. 


According to applied Computer Science is one of the highest paid majors! Even the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the national median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations in May 2018 was $86,320!


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Is there a demand for computer science?


Yes, absolutely! There is a demand for Computer Science everywhere in the world.


As per the reports of the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for Computer and IT jobs will  grow by 13 percent from 2016-2026. What’s more, this is projected to be faster than the average growth rate of all occupations.


In fact by 2026, estimates suggest another 557,100 jobs are expected to be added in this field!  


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