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6.I have to create a theme statement for Romeo and Juliet and here are my ideas but all my teacher ...

l tell me is that they need work. Here are my there ideas: 1. Love is manipulative and makes its subjects act in their own best interests rather than in their interests as a whole. 1a. To support the idea that if Romeo and Juliet each would have communicated better and worked together, they could have avoided death 2. Love doesn't abide by societies rules. 2a.To support the idea that Romeo and Juliet's families would never support this but their love didn't care 3. Hatred has a negative impact and many are affected by it, no matter the severity. 3a. To support the idea that the families feud resulted in a negative way because if they would have not been so hateful, maybe Romeo and Juliet could have lived to be happy
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