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5.i need help with a littiary anallisis essay Review of Violet Evergarden:1/13 episodes The story of ...

he story of Violet Evergarden, written by Kana Akatsuki, takes its viewers through a story of tragedy, hardship, and community of a recovering solder in thirteen episodes. The provided series shows the difficulties and challenges soldiers encounter when returning home after the Great War, much like World War I. One character, Violet, is a young female soldier who recently returned from war. In the past, she was utilized as a fighting machine raised for that purpose, and that purpose only. She had no emotions throughout her drafted time and did not understand people deeply. Following her service, she gained employment as an auto memory doll, much like a typographer. From this employment, she regained the use of her emotions through mentorships and friendships. This resulted in her becoming a highly requested person in her field. Violet was a child soldier in the Great War and was raised to fight and die for her cause. She was relieved of active duty following her hospitalization after her aquatint, Mr, Hodgin’s pulled some strings to have her discharged. Hodgin’s assisted Violet in finding a job due to his respect for his past friend and her mentor, Major Gilbert. She finally settles on becoming an auto memory doll, someone who writes for others. From her years of being a soldier, violet had become numb to her emotions. Because of the need for an auto memory doll to understand the client’s emotions, she thought this would be a good area of employment. While working as an auto memory doll for a foreign diplomat, she suffered a great loss of both of her prosthetic arms during an attack. While recovering, Violet learned of the prior death of her mentor Major Gilbert. At this time, she falls into a state of denial and has difficulty accepting this is with the support of a friend that she can accept his death and move forward in her life and become a highly recommended person in her field. After experiencing all of these tragedies, she can regain her emotions. Kana Akatsuki uses Violet to exhibit the worst-case scenario of the experiences of a soldier coming back from war. This is exemplified by her being a child soldier and the loss of her arms in action. These experiences resulted in her losing her emotions. Ms. Akatsuki’s portrayals of soldiers struggling with the aftermath of war are vividly explained. The mental problems and stress of losing one’s arms would cause one a great deal of distress, with having to relearn how to live one’s daily life. In episode one, Violet awakes in the hospital after a battle that costs her arms. I could only assume what uncertainty was coursing through her mind due to becoming reliant on others. How does one previously trained to be self-reliant now become dependent upon others? Even though she has been groomed out of emotions, she would undoubtedly feel despair. In episodes two through seven, Violet has a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. His work offers her the opportunity to grow through communication with others, resulting in new friendships. Upon learning of Major Gilbert’s death in episode eight, I feel that Violet expresses raw emotion for the first time in the series. Now understanding what loss is, Violet has a whole new outlook on life. She takes further job assignments, but she has a different tone in her writing as she expresses greater compassion towards others. During episodes eleven through thirteen, Violet gets thrown back into her life as a soldier. Because of her new understanding of emotions, she refuses to kill others to prevent inflicting that pain upon others. This was the first sign, in my opinion, that she was thinking about her actions and the effects they would have on other characters’ lives. For example, if she kills this character, his family will go through the same pain she did when she learned that Gilbert had died. This is a true sign of compassion. In episode 13, Violet attends an air show where she writes a letter to the Major explaining all she had learned. He wanted most for her to be a normal girl, and she expressed in the letter how she had done that. I feel like this is where she shows just how much she has grown personally and how she has adjusted to her new life. Ms. Akatsuki uses a great deal of symbolism to give the viewer a clear and decisive point of view into Violet’s life. At the beginning of the story, Ms. Akatsuki gave the viewers just enough information about Violet without spoiling the whole story. She slowly eases the viewers into the plot to allow just how difficult Violet’s life is, to truly sink into the mind of the audience. Throughout the show, the viewer becomes familiar with different characters, both young and old. I believe that Ms. Akatsuki took the time to match the voice actors with their characters. For example, the voice of Violet sounds like she is very unsure of herself while at the same time having a disciplined tone. Major Gilbert's voice actor has a kind and heartwarming tone. He sounds like someone who truly was invested in others’ well-being, someone who would take Violet in. The other characters follow these examples no matter how small their part is and that makes this story more engaging. The story of Violet Evergarden is one of hardship, tragedy, and a community. Portrayed by a true literary genius, Kana Akatsuki. This story takes its viewers through a roller coaster of emotions and draws them deeper into the story. Through the eyes of a Great War soldier. Violet, a child soldier, goes through a transformation from a once lacking emotional character, to an auto memory doll that writes for others. Where she conveys other emotions onto paper. It is through community, friendship, and healing that Violet follows a path to recovery. One that made her face many trials and allowed her to become a renowned person in her field.
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8.Considering your personal learning style, what are some steps you can take to improve your listening skills? Compose a substantive post ...

skills? Compose a substantive post where you discuss two or more facts/ideas/concepts/etc. covered in the scholarly sources that you utilized and explain how those facts/ideas/concepts/etc. relate to you applying your personal learning style to improve your listening skills. Be careful with citing your work, do not use more than 4 words from someone else writing. Be sure to write your posts in a Word or Google document (checking for anything underlined and use spell check) before copying and pasting to the Discussion Board
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The second step in writing an argumentative essay is providing evidence to support your claim. The argumentative essay follows these steps:


  • Introductory passage professing a claim
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  • Countering all other viewpoints by systematically refuting counterclaims
  • Reaching a conclusion by synthesizing all arguments

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The best way to teach essay writing is to practice it regularly. To begin with, essay writing is a complex form of writing and involves rigorous research. In order, to present an argument, you should be able to convey how to organize information and be clear with fundamentals of sentence structure.


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  • Make sure your students have a firm command on grammar
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