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6. Subject English (intro Writing) Description Question 1. Choose a topic: Consider a challenge relevant to your field of study i.e. Computer E engineering Technician and ...

relevant to your field of study i.e. Computer E engineering Technician and narrow your focus to a specific method, technique, or project designed to meet the challenge. (In other words, identify something happening in your field that addresses the problem you chose.) 2. Find sources about your topic. Conduct research on your selected topic. Find three sources related to your topic. At least one of those sources must be from the school Library. • Potential sources include: o scholarly sources o popular sources o non-text sources o online source (public website) o book, e-book, or report Include links to sources. If a link is unavailable, provide information sufficient to find / verify source. 3. Evaluate research: For each source: • complete a CRAAP analysis (template & guidelines provided)
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  • Descriptive Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Narrative Essay


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  • Corruption Whistle Blow
  • New Wars, New Weapons
  • Best Ways to promote Business


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Do you dream of writing better essays? Are you struggling while attempting your essay paper? If you need homework help in essay writing, we are here for you. Learn how to write the finest essays by turning to our expert essay help online services.


Many students find it difficult to write essays and hence they look for homework essay help online. To write better essays, you need to have the foundation right and a good command over the English language.


At TutorEye, connect with experienced online essay tutors to know the basics of writing. In a matter of seconds, get matched to a tutor who meets your study needs. Our trusted tutors will guide you on how to weave your thoughts together.


You can always seek written assistance where we provide a framework and an outline of what an essay composition should look like. 


Get quick tips and strategize on how to write excellent essays while improving your essay writing skills. 



Here’s how an academic expert at TutorEye will help you:


Brainstorm: Your online essay tutor is here for you 24/7 so that you can ideate and bounce off ideas! You can discuss and clear your doubts. The essay specialist at TutorEye will help you sort through your jumbled thoughts.


Structure: After understanding your needs and essay requirements, our essay helper will work on creating a structure or a checklist of all the points which need to be covered in your essay.


Proofreading: We are aware that a good essay requires enormous research, editing, proofreading and a great deal of revision and we will take care of all this for you.


Citations: Lastly, an essay is not complete without the list of citation sources. Therefore, our homework helpers, who know the right style of incorporating citations, assist on this front as well.



Take a few simple steps to get personalized essay assistance!


Our essay writing services are designed to fetch you the best grades in your class. With the help of our proficient writers get trained in the art of creating word pictures and score well in any grade.


We provide plagiarism-free and 100% original custom designed essays to train you into the art of writing. Rest assured, our work is of highest quality written by excellent academic writers to help you achieve the grades you strive for.


Here are the few steps to get personalized essay help:


Step 1: Fill out your essay request by listing your requirements on a quick-help form

Step 2: Select a proposal to hire an expert by deciding on a budget and submission deadline.

Step 3: Release payment once you review the essay submitted to you on time.


As we value your trust and satisfaction, we also have a Money Refund Policy.




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Frequently Asked Questions About Essay Writing 



How can I write essays easily?


To perfect your craft and write better essays you must “read”. It’s a hobby that you need to cultivate as the more exposure you get, it will translate into better writing. For this you must read stories, dramas, insightful news articles or tutor with a professional who can teach you tricks and easy tips to write essays.


Moreover, at TutorEye, we believe in honing your writing skills by helping you practice and repeatedly work on your drafts to perfect essay writing. In fact once a foundation is laid, the process of writing an essay becomes organic and comes naturally to a student in due time.


So to write essays easily be prepared to go through the grind with an expert by your side.



What is the best essay writing service?


Here at TutorEye we provide the best essay writing services designed to help you understand the writing process by giving you a draft that encapsulates what a gist of a good essay should look like.


Besides, we match our students to expert academic writers who have Masters and Doctorate degrees and years of experience handling students writing queries. 


Apart from providing you a framework that captures the ideas and evokes word pictures, our experts also hone your writing skills. Hence, we are your perfect study partners.



How to improve essay writing?


You can improve essay writing skills by tutoring with experts and  going through the draft essays that are provided to help you. 


This can help you ideate and understand the flow and the conceptualization process that occurs while writing. 


It also leads you to build on ideas and lay the edifice to write a good essay.


To further improve essay writing skills a student must:


  • Read regularly
  • Build vocabulary
  • Practice writing a draft of 500 words everyday
  • Understand the various types of essays
  • Get essays reviewed from an expert
  • Deliberate on the feedback given


However, you can also choose our essay writing services and let our experts help you improve every step of the way. Our seasoned expert can analyze where you need to focus and help you improve by assessing your gap areas.



What is the second step in writing an argumentative essay?


The second step in writing an argumentative essay is providing evidence to support your claim. The argumentative essay follows these steps:


  • Introductory passage professing a claim
  • Providing evidence to support the aforementioned claim
  • Countering all other viewpoints by systematically refuting counterclaims
  • Reaching a conclusion by synthesizing all arguments

This is one of the most interesting pieces of writing as one gradually reasons and provides a rebuttal to mold the readers point-of-view. To know more, connect with our expert today.



How to teach essay writing?


The best way to teach essay writing is to practice it regularly. To begin with, essay writing is a complex form of writing and involves rigorous research. In order, to present an argument, you should be able to convey how to organize information and be clear with fundamentals of sentence structure.


Here’s what you can do to teach essay writing:


  • Make sure your students have a firm command on grammar
  • Gradually introduce different forms of essays and topics
  • Ask students to create a rough draft focusing on key points
  • Work on the structure and flow- ensuring each point supports the claim
  • Conclusion- wrapping up all the previous points and provide a summary

To learn more, you can also brainstorm with our seasoned professionals who are highly experienced and can teach writing in a short span of time.


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